Net qin N + Q blueberry new strategy Clipper brand xiuse incoming entertainment

hunting cloud network in Beijing on May 28th news

net qin formally announced on May 28th the N + Q blueberries new strategy, N for blue technology line, Q represents the blackberry color line of entertainment. Among them, the former including mobile security, mobile and mobile medical enterprise, which includes mobile entertainment and mobile games. In addition, the network of the qin dynasty also announced the independent brand “xiuse entertainment”.

although qin to provide mobile Internet security, but several factors, covering the business line is not only limited to the mobile security. Qin network also will break through the original security business model, power is concentrated xiuse internal product integration of entertainment business integration and external resources.

Shi Wenyong believes that the development of mobile Internet let entertainment have more expansive space, also let companies see the fragmentation and high strength pressure, mobile phone user group and the high viscosity between mobile entertainment products.

integration extensive entertainment products , clear product line

mobile entertainment is a entirely new lines of business, including the thorn show, xiuse, xiuse lock screen and thorn desktop music radar, positioning real live show, music search and community, dynamic mobile phone lock screen interaction and cool, the way such as 3 d desktop interactive

Shi Wenyong pointed out that the thorn show can provide anchor 24 * 7 service, its income has accounted for 20% of MVAS income. Users can choose their favorite on-line interactive anchor, chat, gifts, classics, etc.

xiuse provide audio music radar search and identify services, users can through the way of playing music or singing on the software to search the corresponding songs or videos. Shi Wenyong disclosed, xiuse music radar has been in the global total API subscribers 520 million, average daily searches for 10 million times. In addition, through a lock screen interface can be directly experience the beauty of the landscape of various entertainment functions lock screen in the global users, 120 million, use number 45 million.

xiuse desktop is a mobile phone desktop 3 d engine products, can provide users with super cool 3 d desktop cool visual experience and fluent operation experience.

in the future, the net qin will consolidation within four entertainment products to get through, and, in collaboration with external exchange resources, establish to C end users with 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 & gt; 4 high quality service.

entertainment line internal to external fusion

in addition to introduce xiuse entertainment product line, Shi Wenyong also revealed the xiuse entertainment between various lines of business and external mutual integration business model.

“our strategy will focus on the entertainment business internal resources integration, user value cash and external partners to explore a new business model of mobile.” Shi Wenyong is introduced, the net internal resources through qin will first, such as, the opening game in thorn show channel, recruit female anchors game, promote torrents game; Join female anchors in thorn on the lock screen wallpaper package, the user can interact with the host on the lock screen; On the thorn music radar can undertake songs search, diversion, already can guide to the original, also can guide to thorn show host, can also through the game episode diversion to torrents.

in addition, the net external business promotion, qin will, for example, can cooperate with have a high quality beauty resource offline online platform, is also likely to xiuse beauty resource output on the show to the offline brokerage company, activities, advertising companies, performance columns such as channel. Shi Wenyong says the aim is to revitalize and qin group through network under existing highly overlapping entertainment products, user group, through its own channels of resources and the user shall elect, borrow external resources and channels and win-win.

although the industry has many voices questioning nets qin the wide net is can lead to enterprise resources scattered, unable to focus on developing the business, but Shi Wenyong think should have more chance to try. And qin recently released through the net earnings and the performance of the last two years, did well nets qin’s new business.