Neighbors share: to build social car-sharing and mutual assistance

(text/Zheng Dian)

in recent years, the travel market, the capital side watches. All kinds of taxi, car application, such as a taxi bleep, easy to transport. Carpooling also gradually hot up in the field of mobile travel, such as clicks carpooling, slightly carpool. Car ownership in China is close to three hundred million, but in the morning and evening rush hour cars empty loading rate is close to seventy percent. Carpooling travel can effectively solve the car empty loading rate, improve resource utilization. The economic and environmental protection way to travel is more and more recognized and accepted by people.

neighbors close by is a carpool APP, belonging to chengdu good wisdom information technology co., LTD., mainly for white-collar people travel to and from work areas. For passenger and owners, neighbors or by looking for drivers and passengers function, platform users after registration, passenger bus demand information, the owner to post the information such as the starting point and the starting time of driving, after system matching and selection are recommended respectively.

neighbors share, the company is located in chengdu. In March 2015, after nearly a year of planning, preparation and development of four months, neighbors by version 1.0 release.

neighbors by founder chang hong wei told hunting cloud network, the company take full ownership mechanism, team members is both employees and the boss. At present there are 10 people, the team has rich experience in Internet industry. CTO Wang Zhi China had Ren Dong soft, head of the school of information management, is responsible for technology development; COO Peng Wenceng responsible for promoting kubah mall chengdu branch operation, is responsible for product service. In addition there are neighbors together by specialized lawyers responsible for legal advice.

chang hong wei told cloud network: hunting “commuting vehicles, road congestion, exhaust pollution is serious, but there are nearly seventy percent of the vehicles are not full, this is a very serious resource waste and environmental pollution problems. Carpooling is a kind of economic and environmental protection way to travel, also reflected the interpersonal trust. Neighbors share hopes to build national carpooling mutual O2O platform, promote the change of the concept of market and mutual assistance, realize life without money is a mutual aid from person to person.”

chang hong wei to hunt cloud network neighbors share, there are four distinctive features:

the first it is safe, neighbors close by with safe mode, the passenger to the spot after open the safe mode and recording uploaded, at the same time, the user can set up an emergency contact. Neighbors share, also has the evaluation system, reflect the user’s information feedback.

the second is efficient, neighbors or take an advance booking release information in the form of a taxi from the wait time, make sure to work on time.

the third is the social attribute, carpooling is more like a kind of social means, users via neighbors share, can find themselves interested in circle of friends and neighbors by online communication and share.

is the fourth trading patterns of innovation. The calculation of taking a taxi is more of a pure money, but the neighbors by advocacy is a kind of relaxed, mutual way to travel, mutual help between users by integral metering and billing. Owners will get mutual currency reward after fulfilling the carpool, mutual aid money accumulated to a certain degree to neighbors store for corresponding gifts.

neighbors share, based on the white-collar commuter car pool market, through constant upgrading user feedback, improve more. Chang hong wei to hunt cloud network, according to the company plans to users, such as quantitative change is big, accumulated the broad consumer groups, to further explore business model.

company: chengdu good hui product information technology co., LTD.