Neighbor: in a timely manner through the two point one line, open the neighborhood social another window

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in the era of mobile Internet, social networking has been the hot area, but also a dangerous area. Besides WeChat, QQ, solid social status have Momo, without the secret, such as a rising star, plus foreign Facebook, Instaram, Snapchat etc, meet the demand for entertainment, social life. But when it comes to neighborhood social such topic not much embarrassment. In the area of the reinforced concrete world, neighborhood social relations more and more strange, more and more tend to disappear, the edge of disappeared but the relationship is not possible.

however, Diana li think Internet veterans, 13 years “better good neighbours near than relations far away” has always been the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, village is the foundation of society, at the same time, people still live in closer. Diana li and his team developed a community based neighborhood social products “near abroad”. Learned, neighbors belonging to pieces by Beijing times network technology co., LTD., co-founder and core team respectively from alibaba, shanda, 58 city and other well-known Internet companies. Diana li also disclosed to hunt cloud network, the company has completed the angel round.

actually speaking, near to the set of functions and its simplicity, from the UI interface mainly presents “near abroad”, a “message taking” feature. Especially near the main map “message”, namely community message board, but in the mobile terminal to move it up, no matter you are not at home you can put your requirements issued by means of “message” to show the surrounding neighbors; Also provide users with the function of “anonymous” message, let something bad to say, speak of the neighborhood can say it without worry. To give you a few life field, such as, next to some noise upstairs that upset you, you can use nearby express a “message taking” feature, ease in the heart of the oppressed.

present on the function, different from other social software, neighbor combine maps and social clever. In Diana li’s view, the current social is solved the thousands of miles to the needs of the sound that everyone is “clairaudient”, and neighbors in solving li call again on the basis of further solve the needs of everyone is “clairvoyance”, Diana li said this is our neighbor is one small step for a big step in the history of social, social will from two-dimensional to three-dimensional world world, social networking will be turned away from centralized social decentralized social.

in addition, the close neighbor also set the function of “label’s got talent”, this is for the convenience of users quickly find businesses around, no matter you are to send water, wash clothes, lock, or send the fruits and vegetables, as long as you open the phone the neighbors will be convenient to call your phone, increase your income paid service, that is enough to meet neighbor not only meet the demand of communication between the neighborhood and satisfy the needs of small businesses to provide paid services.

now, near to the current feature set is just a preliminary product form, and near neighborhood mutual trust is critical to the success of the system. Diana li graduated from the university’s first job is to alibaba, after several years of work, he feel to ali “so” there is no such thing as a difficult business mission to answer, alibaba is not let a person to open the door with idiopathic, but with the heart of the world, let all the buyers and sellers to establish mutual trust! This deeply branded in Diana li heart. Diana li believes that the current neighbors difficult is difficult in the neighborhood mutual understanding, mutual trust, instead of living off the heart is cold. As long as set up neighborhood system of mutual trust, the ice can be melting in the neighborhood. Alibaba took ten years to establish the buyer the seller of the trust system, is whether it is near to 10 years to establish mutual trust between neighborhoods system on spelling?

about neighborhood social must carry Nextdoor ocean the other shore, the company has covered 40000 communities across the country and has got the kleiner perkins caufield & byers and Tiger Global Management international giants such as $100 million in financing, to the expansion of internationalization, Nextdoor english-speaking countries such as Britain, Canada and South Africa as the preferred region, and then move to Brazil and Japan.

when it comes to market competition, Diana li convective cloud network, compared with similar products, the early stage of the play is essentially the same, the whole industry is still at the exploratory stage, like the sun at six o ‘clock, did not exist in terms of competition. Diana li also revealed that neighbor launched 150000 users of the achievements in 7 days. Neighbors, of course, also met a lot of problems needed to resolve, and neighborhood mutual trust system is the important problem to solve. In hunting cloud network point of view, when a user credit system was set up, close neighbor can do is diverse, like Diana li said, the industry is still in the six o ‘clock the sun, there is still a long way to go!