Navdy won $20 million in financing, Google Glass fitted for the car

on May 21, hunting cloud network

Navdy added a head-up display, for car, the information on the user’s phone can be projected onto the windshield.

in order to avoid the use of smart phones commuters in reading emails, texting while driving, calling such a dangerous move, Navdy company developed a product information on the mobile phone can be projected onto the windshield.

the product got many investment last year, and start with a price of $299 to booking, has now completed the $20 million funding round. The money will be used to recruit more engineers, enlarged our product lines to start mass production of 5 * 4 in the size of the projector.

Navdy founder and CEO Doug Simpson said, referring to the motivation of this project in 2012: “when you drive your car at 60 miles per hour down four seconds, then the equivalent of you with your eyes closed to open a football field. I also tried while driving because need head-down information and stop walking.”

Mr Simpson says he does not take the initiative to seek this round, because he won $6.5 million in financing last year, and through pre-sales sold 17000 sets of products, raised $6 million.

investor’s strong support and keen interest to let he decided to raise $15 million, A round of financing soon rose to $20 million.

Navdy is attract investor interest in emerging in the area of hardware products. According to the vc industry research body Dow Jones VentureSource reports that in 2014 in electronics, computer hardware and so on the company’s total investment reached $2.56 billion, set a new record in the total investment of $2.24 billion in 2000. Hardware projects currently in the emerging and constantly updated to provide help PCH International ‘s main Highway 1, Bolt, Dragon Innovation and Y Combinator, all under the herald a wave of hardware project is still in incubation.

as product incubator project Highway 1, Simpson believes its hardware part is many aspects need to improve. His team gradually reduce its size and improved the design of it. Any car 12 v power socket Navdy can be inserted, or after the 1996 production of the car if the international standard communication interface (OBD), cars Navdy can through this port on the windscreen display speed, rotational speed, mileage, fuel, engine state, and other data.

users will Navdy applications downloaded to mobile phones, the phone via bluetooth phones, text messaging and select applications sent to Navdy device, and then Navdy equipment can put these information onto the driver side of the windshield.

Navdy allows users through voice commands to control the application, similar to Google Now and Siri’s operation. Navdy and a camera can identify the body language, such as user can slide to the left to come to the phone or slide to the right to close the notification.

Simpson says his team is still in the test the system, in order to enhance the applicability of the Navdy. He also revealed Navdy cooperation talks are on with some insurance agency, may be later in the year to reach an agreement. In addition, he did not disclose more detailed information.

in that Navdy will follow the national highway traffic safety management regulations, after he refused to safety concerns and other issues to respond. He pointed out that when the driver turns Navdy system will not display notice, at the same time would also ban Netflix video software, such as running, to ensure the safety of the driver.

he also revealed that in recent years, some high-end car makers such as BMW and audi has sold millions of head-up display, have never received any negative feedback.

his plan in the second half of 2015 to have booking orders for shipment, after twenty thousand to thirty thousand units per month to mass production, the speed at which a booking after the price of the product also will increase from $299 to $499.

according to Venture Capital beat understanding, before the investment institutions Upfront Ventures raised $80 million, then the Formation of 8, Qualcomm Ventures, joined the investment team, and Promus Ventures, Eniac Ventures and Wareness IO together to invest in the product.


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