Nautilus fair: “electricity + market” O2O model, build a C2C electronic business platform

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shopping habits are changing, personalized demand for goods and experiential consumption is becoming more and more important. Whether consumer daily online mode, or hunting cloud network previously reported , and this kind of overseas online shopping mode, there is the problem of consumption experience.

hunting cloud network reported today is an O2O electric business + offline market shopping platform, from the offline market began in August 2013 organization, up to now has been held in Shanghai area for 17 times. In addition to offline shopping bazaar, nautilus, display the goods also can be purchased on the website, mobile App also is in the making.

founder and CEO zhang (have a love of violence) has repeatedly experience and rich work experience in the Internet. Team members have rich practical experience and relevant professional knowledge.

nautilus market main personalization O2O pattern, for global noseless rare product, provide different shopping experience platform, businesses may be foreign ambassadors, star artist, can also be independent designers and craftsmen, the items are sold overseas orphan works, independent design, folk custom and other light luxury brand. Selling items like furniture, ancient, collectables – autograph, clothing, bags, collection, etc.

hosting a nautilus fair field area in 1500-1500 square meters, about venue rental, nautilus fair held are not fixed, cooperate with property developers, meet the demand of both sides. In’s official website to sign up before the vendor in the platform, each city there are more than 500 merchants to sign up, rally team choose the more than 100 in line with the theme of merchants in bazaar, merchants before in passes through strict screening mechanism of team, found that fake goods shelves immediately, and from the team are not allowed to attend the fair, after the screening by tenants need to pay fees, how long each time a fair for 2 days.

in order to ensure fair sell-through rate and high quality buyers, the team set the threshold for consumers, consumers to participate in the market to buy tickets. , in addition to buying and selling, and musicians performances, such as dining experience field interaction part.

in addition to the offline market, nautilus fair’s website is also open to consumers, so far the online in more than 300 businesses, to meet the needs of all consumers, to solve the deficiency of the geographically. Nautilus fair held once a month, during the closure, teams are in the perfect online content. The next is also looking at Beijing, guangzhou and other first-tier cities offline activities.

zhang told hunting cloud network: “a long-term orientation to the nautilus bazaar is O2O electricity + offline market model, existing users of more than 100000, the main consumer groups for high taste and high income, collector and individualized consumption of young people.”

about profit model, zhang told cloud network: hunting “nautilus market current income from the table and tickets, will consider the buyer, will from the sellers to provide value-added services, such as profit by means for business promotion, etc.”

nautilus market pattern is novel, everything is still in groping forward. The author believed that hunting cloud network reported before and the purpose of the reports of the nautilus market today is very good, people on diet health standard and the requirement to the quality of life should be agree with you. But it is understood that nautilus market because of the lack of certain policy support, make some good item cannot appear in people’s field of vision.