“National brand” concept: scalpers again to enjoy the fun of science and technology

(text/Lin Zhang)

Note issued in millet (January 16), a day after LeiJunFa a long weibo, explain “why millet do a pricing 3299 high-end phones?” Lei jun is an explanation, “user needs”. In subsequent lists his 2014 report card, smart phone reasons for the rise of consumer demand. And boasts its national brand for consumer electronics, (I don’t know sicong, han how want to), and shouted out “let everybody can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology” of the new slogan. (I think most likely have to replace a slogan of millet are now a fever after born as millet enterprise logo). The authors are setting aside the explained do not say, lei jun is not what he was about his 3299 this price. The author now to talk about two more realistic problems, one is, the so-called “name brand” mobile phone is just a concept machine; Secondly, the concept of national brand 3299 machine can’t let everyone can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology, but rich the scalpers.

“national brand” may be “concept”

the author once wrote “.” At that time did not specify the reason, now allow the author talk about the author said that the reason of this? Said that at present is a “concept” reason has three.

1. It need to make an appointment in March, the earliest and in the conference site, there is no relevant experience prototype; For a doesn’t even have a prototype machine, only one parameter is given, and design, let you could only dream of. This concept is always feels to the person.

2. Qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 chip itself. Industry, a rumour qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 processor face “when reaches a certain voltage, can lead to a chip overheat problem”, combined with a variety of news for now, this problem has not yet been solved, the industry rumours 810 more will be delayed until the second quarter shipment, strongest chip exactly when production is still in the air; To switch to 20 nm process technology Xiao dragon in early 810 and is a new product line in the roa and how high; Xiao dragon production capacity of 810 and how much?

3. Android flagship model with strongest qualcomm latest processor has become a public practice. In 2015, the industry have been rumours samsung Galaxy S6 G4, LG, HTC, Sony Xperia Z4 Hima will choose qualcomm Xiao dragon 810 platform; Visible samsung, HTC, SONY, LG and so on the international giant Xiao dragon how to feed 810 processor; And qualcomm also need a 810 carrying high-end flagship model further monopoly, establishing the image of high-end necessary; As a transceiver flagship samsung, HTC, SONY, LG, the price of the lowest in more than 4000, 3299 of the millet will harm the image of qualcomm 810 high-end? To supply and more importantly, sales, in the international high-end giant monopoly situation, entering the high-end millet and qualcomm can guarantee how many sales? And the relations between the two years of qualcomm and millet are already not as good as the original attached; So in the face of such as samsung, HTC, SONY, LG and other international giants demand, qualcomm will give millet points?

so in my opinion. Millet 3299 top-of-the-line version of the Note in the current called the concept more appropriate. When can get rid of this status? I think there must be a difficulty in March.

can’t let everyone can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology, rich instead scalpers

in millet in front of the little rice vermicelli fever education for several years, apparently top-of-the-line version of the Note can stimulate their nerves, review conference, millet 15 big half before the conference, did not have a fever of millet, even on the stage of lei jun sell MOE, small rice vermicelli is crazy, not the past the scene atmosphere somewhat embarrassed. In lei jun to hit the last egg millet Note after top-of-the-line version, in “the fuselage is 6.95 mm thickness of only 6.95 inch screen, 2 k latest qualcomm Xiao dragon. 810, 64 processors, 4 gb of memory, support HiFi” the front of the selection of parameters, the scene fan and back to the madness of the past. Note that millet top-of-the-line version of the meaning of the little rice vermicelli is to stimulate the millet user already calm nerves, keep their fever, for millet endorsement.

but in the consumers can buy? A ring of past historical experience, can’t get seems to fill up the vast majority of possibility. This can not buy, is the greatest sense of achievement of millet Note – rich scalpers. Why?

the high-end and low-end have many differences, because the price is cheap, low-end products consumers in choosing is a natural need not think too much, enough is ok. High-end products and high-end products have significant differences, has a relatively high price, to some extent, but also a symbol of taste in consumer identity; So consumers decide to buy high-end products, need to have more evaluation indicators, and the strong public demand and relative scarcity of resources for consumers, is to decide whether to buy and wait for the most important measure of the product. save principle based on the brain, most of the time when we make a decision, will not consciously choose to make a decision according to the public, in order to maximize reduce about the consequences of wrong choice, reduce the cost of trial-and-error; And the relative scarcity, and can build an can’t get forever in the commotion, the more get, the more show its precious phenomenon. Product mass demand strong and whether one is hard to find the scarcity, determines whether it has enough attraction and attention, whether can let to wait for, whether can let a person can have it beyond its own value of additional cost.

review millet in product sales strategy: use online sales, use F code booking products, open up at a certain time. The sales model created the millet sales of one myth, a F code into many small rice vermicelli lingering pain in my heart. Millet by the model created a supply of goods is scarce, price was served, one machine is hard to find, have attracted great attention of success, people used to buy or not to buy up the habit of bring more millet. Although everybody knows this is millet hunger marketing tactics. Though the hunger marketing has lead to huge crisis of confidence for the millet. But Note that the latest generation of millet as millet transformation, the vanguard into high-end grab more profit, success is the ultimate goal. For such a teenager at high-end niche like millet, how can we convince the product is a high-end products, paid to buy buy buy worth you happy? Millet is still need to create a strong public demand and millet Note the relative scarcity of resources. Millet in the face of the latest generation of millet Note promotion, use of hunger marketing tactics is essential. Ordinary consumers also not rob you trying character.

behind and hunger marketing, the fans of the vulnerable consumers, to feed, and a line under the special group of strong – scalpers, was to make plate. Millet Note top-of-the-line version also has become a target for scalpers potential: relatively good industrial design, extremely powerful hardware configuration and compared with other flagship lower prices; For the parameters of the party of consumers millet education for many years, it itself is a very good choice. And millet’s hunger marketing make ordinary consumers in the online sales platform of millet to spell all personal character also not rob, but some big offline scalpers, they have more advantages of resources, can get the machine, in the face of hungry consumers, price eight hundred is a very easy thing (4 2799 bids in offline millet, in my experience). Behind the mark-up is consumer bleeding, earn rich scalpers, joy. So the concept of national brand 3299 machine couldn’t let everyone can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology – indeed to get rich the scalpers.

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