Nail help Yu Jiannan: how this half year I counterattack carved ye beaver’s home

note: hunting cloud under the O2O is popular in the field of nail art alone produce beavers, emerging entrepreneurial projects, such as nail help chase and get the capital market. Compared to the city of the beaver’s home “day”, nail for claims to the guangdong pragmatic “pie”. founder Yu Jiannan worked p&g for many years, the company with its own capital survived an angel round after got A round of investment partners China, currently has more than 100 registered users, active volume from 150000 to 200000, this year is to B round of funding. the following to the nail for money week help founder Yu Jiannan interview transcript:

money week: whether it’s your personal or nail help as always low key.

Yu Jiannan: overall, guangdong entrepreneurs are low, on this side of the business one day and I often said to send, send business, Beijing is like day is a big concept is at the beginning, the idea is to change all of humanity, the mouth is to overturn, some will see some good product from overseas, then put it in home localization.

south sent most of the startups, like Vipshop were set out to do business. Special investment in south China and Beijing, north sent angel rounds in much more special, have not yet begun to actually run first financing, south side of the company its financing situation is different, when many companies accept investment is basically balanced, or profit.

money week: why did you choose a foothold in guangzhou?

Yu Jiannan: guangdong side is very practical, it is my life here, the second is the industry’s production base are all here, maximize resources. Away from the Internet core, but also a lot less blatant, much less overtones, you will focus on the business, most of the time won’t get into a frenzy. Now entrepreneurial teams have a fever or other financing, but I always think of entrepreneurship in the core is to do business well, rather than the beginning want how this topic makes investors like, can be listed.

money week: whether there is to participate in the activities of some business circle?

Yu Jiannan: I have been to Beijing to attend this party, finally to participate in the function also is not big. Like guangzhou entrepreneurs will meet here, but basically is discussed to solve specific problems, have a morning tea. This related to regional culture also, guangzhou people together to chat may be neighbors, beijingers gather together that is the international events, taxi drivers are talking about policy.

nail help PK beaver family

money week: nail help what is the model?

Yu Jiannan: the solutions the simplest explanation is that we are B2B2C mode, by 2 b, 2 c. In the beginning we through the community manicures, draw the succeed at the core of heavy users, most of the heavy users are practitioners, including manicures shopkeeper, manicurist, nail apprentice, and so on, and some like to DIY, inside the circle is the opinion leader of consumers. Will be in for them to provide more services, is the picture at the beginning, later is tutorial, then give them a BBS to let them in and communication, in this kind of social communication, increase trade links, to supply the products to them. The most important thing is that we now do through independent research and development system of micro shop help practitioners to Internet business, do better, this way to serve the small B side, which serve the C side. So let the B side and we were the better viscosity, will unite B end, better and scale to serve the C end together.

money week: now in the B end of the nail to help members probably how many?

Yu Jiannan: b probably around 540000 members, 2 b, our industry is the largest, the whole of China is about 20 to 30 m nail salons.

money week: micro store charge? What are the cooperation pattern and the shop?

Yu Jiannan: micro store all functions are free. Is an open platform, small B are free to use our tools in this, then I through the products and tools to do better, let little B and nail help more sticky. So now we a and B are very close link relations. Actually at the beginning of the company we are positioning helps women small micro entrepreneurs, this is our positioning is the core of a user group. Most companies are trying to how to make women have more consumption, and our aim is to help women small micro entrepreneurs succeed, at a lower cost to let her entrepreneurial success.

we do one of the most important thing now is to put in the middle reaches of the industry who store up, do they want to do the Internet promotion, help them to how to locate, help them solve the problem of supply chain. Because it is impossible for you to venture to help her, gave her some tools only, but also to education her, help her, so we will have a lot of next to push the team to help them improve their sales.

money week: beavers have impact on your family?

Yu Jiannan: actually beaver come out when the interference is very big for us, really very anxious, meng is always a very, very smart people, whether it is the feeling of his orientation, style, or the Internet, really is deep, than our way we had cut trading is need multiple links, he cut the last ring directly. Our pressure is very big, many people have suggested to copy, but at that time, the idea is to can’t do this, first of all, I think the way of others must die, especially such a powerful opponent; The second is I don’t think team temporary service genes, is directly to C gene, meng wake before doing beauty salon, ye beef brisket, essential oils, very know how to make a perfect experience, proves beaver home inside the door-to-door service, at least in the door that moment is to do the best. So that we can’t with him, the original strategy may, in turn, let us be dragged to death, and we can not keep up with, because each other stones, this is a true. In eager to want to cut into the service trade, the team did experiments in the July between August, micro store now is in the condition of the force.

it’s biggest feeling is: the first is a powerful competitor is a very good thing, make you dig out all the potential team, has the quality of particularly strong opponent will make you think more clearly, let you have a sense of urgency. The second is I am very proud of the team performance, team very battle-hardened, we don’t have to follow up, walked out of his way, also go well.

money week: beaver family is one of the biggest competitors?

Yu Jiannan: in fact in our business, so there is no competition, is not the same as the first purpose, we are hope to do business, integration of industry resources, beaver home direction is the door, choose nail the visualization, verifiable, not too many side effects of the breakthrough point, take the door the mouth of the beauty industry, horizontal development. The door-to-door service for the market share is very limited, we estimate that it up to 10-15% account for nail art market, not to mention a lot of stores are starting to do the door now. And the door fixes some problems, also some problems, such as lower efficiency. The market is a game, is not only our and competitor’s game, B and C are in the game. When a small B have been very successful in the door as the breakthrough point, he will have some loyal even exceeds its reception capacity of C, C attitude will also change, why do I have to go to you there instead of you to my studio? This is a small B better decisions. Nail this business because of small investment, not a scale advantage of the business, but a small entrepreneurs to achieve a very good way of self-employment.

money week: nail help will transverse direction in the future?

Yu Jiannan: that is certain. First, the service small micro entrepreneurs, manicure, small beauty salon, logic inside are the same, we through the existing system in the nail a piece of some successful cases, will start to horizontal development, but we develop small micro entrepreneur is the core of women. Beaver family core is through good manicurist, through the power of the capital, allow you to get a higher income, the manicurist’s hand and have customer resources, quickly putting all values are doing very well. So capital markets like it very much, the future is to maintain the stability of the market, I believe that I won’t go to make low-level mistakes, but from our point of view, small wait for a certain node B, themselves in micro letter can well docking, customer don’t have to pull the box around, everyone is yearning for freedom, will have the idea.

we hope finally achieved through resource integration is small entrepreneurs “when the boss money, do not hold when the boss’s heart”. By the way they want to liberate themselves.

money week: have you considered the future may be tencent giants such as company purchase?

Yu Jiannan: now also didn’t want to so far. But from my point of view, we are young, or entrepreneurial pupil, I’ll be more value can I make out of this matter. As long as you can complete the team established mission and vision, whether by listing, or by being the acquisition, or through said is complete with others better, I am very open.

by beauty to armor – I’m a man’s tear

money week: then why think of cut into the nail industry?

Yu Jiannan: I spent six years in procter & gamble, 07 graduate join p&g, I entered is sales, training and then go to chengdu, running the shop, a small boy, shy to sell sanitary napkin (laughs). And spent two years in guizhou, and finally to the headquarters, so relatively understanding channels, distributors. After went to the headquarters, is responsible for the first, is responsible for the crest that piece after more than a year, and then start a business. Full-time out before actually, have observed some areas, also by a shareholder involvement, doing good there.

when find method is the first, in the field of higher gross margin, we can do, the early can have some water; Second we would like to find this field is a relatively wide, giant does, so based on these points, because I also have to do cosmetic, is to observe and nail the market is more in accordance with these characteristics. And its market scale, it is very precise segment of the market, the size of the market, had only 30 billion yuan last year, is not a particularly large number, and even to the present market environment, and have no giant in the industry. Its actual line structure is relatively old, so at that time see is an opportunity. Actually I’m not going to limit what they have to do very much, but is interested in just going to do it.

money week: your parents support you?

Yu Jiannan: does not support, we are in shaanxi, the son of a civil servants, public security, my dad is my mom is a railway worker, they will think think should do civil servants, including I was into procter & gamble they are not very supportive. Because I was in a college of electronic information, costind directly under the time relatively some war industry research institute and other opportunities.

money week: span between professional and employment.

Yu Jiannan: I am quite a pull people, in college, I did most of the crosstalk, at that time to earn money by crosstalk is a person, I would often imparting, graduated from the graduate student want to go to a movie at that time, don’t want to run wide, found that take an examination of is not, just looking for a job. Home means you should enter the national system, but I’m special, feel too tight, I must be a relaxed work, choose the foreign company.

capital intervention and “exotic” heavy assets

money week: how do financing with the count of plug in?

Yu Jiannan: I don’t know much about China’s investment environment is how, I only know that I want to do an Internet product, I like to do this thing well with you, I want to cut into the market. Our products out after about 2 or 3 months there are a variety of VC’s phone call, we actually didn’t spend too much energy in terms of financing. To tell the truth, in the first round, VC is team and direction, think of your product positioning is very clear, with your chat, founder of then go to listen to what are your plans for the next step, and then feel very by spectrum, can meet.

money week: what was and PE, VC chat?

Yu Jiannan: we were main contact is warp/weft, when carrying out to meet the psychological, the beginning is jeanette Lin tsui, investment manager, she was the biggest point is this team is very good, very young, and then have a lot of ideas. Chief investment officer and come to see the fabric, RuHaiBo, as we are very respected and Lin Jie a head. Is the two of them made the final decision, also soon, for the first time we have hesitated, because we also have some business at that time. Guangzhou company in this way, I itself is do the traditional channels, then set up a sales team to sell cosmetics, have profit to keep our Internet team. I at that time very childish, very hesitant need financing, then our Lord do WeChat public, look WeChat ID operation to also do not need too much money, we at the back of the strategy, also do not need too much money. But then is they come over and we talked a lot, the change is very big for us. Understanding of the capital market, why need capital, capital intervention means what, why to you at the back of the explosive growth has very good benefits, these have the understanding. So then talked for half an hour, when they meet for the first time the second signed directly.

money week: how to negotiate price? Is there a bargain?

Yu Jiannan: they quote a price, I feel ok and is accepted. No bargain, thought is not important, I think you touched me, I think do together with you, you as a investment institutions, that can help me to open the Internet field of vision. In fact in this more than a year of working with fabric, many of the things I thought there are so many changes. After obtaining financing mentality is different also, don’t you dare to do some very radical, such as burning money.

money week: at that time is over how much is it?

Yu Jiannan : millions of dollars, dollars or RMB, basically be to see later for a-share listed or abroad, there is another important reason is that your value, your high valuations, the yuan is sometimes can’t vote.

money week: currently, in the financing? Will warp/weft and vote?

Yu Jiannan: is now seeking b round, still in the initial contact, warp/weft will follow.

money week: financing is in dominant you do?