My class: on the basis of class unit, pure free home school communication platform

May 18 (word/Tang Yaqin)

as the age of the Internet and for the effect of online education reform, gradually appeared the school XunTong, unicom’s mobile telecom wing of the school, based on the Internet’s interactive products, such as to student’s information in the form of text messages (grades, exams, attendance, etc.) sent to the parents, and will charge a fee. In the face of the nation’s 200 million primary and middle school students in school group, is a big market.

as a father of three, “my class”, co-founder of Guo Weiwen experience, more than one child between family and school information efficiently and is important to communicate. If using common similar home school, or with small letters and qq as a platform for content sharing and receiving information, are not centralized to meet the needs of parents and schools. “My class” to meet such a thing: difference from the traditional administrative school based unit parent-school system, system architecture on the basis of class unit, and compatible with the administrative class and class nature. In compatibility, on the basis of traditional home school through short message service, completely free to client as the main form of , for K12 (kindergarten, primary and middle school, high school, etc.), secondary institutions and all kinds of social training organization of teachers and parents with full open parent-school communication services.

compatible with multiple roles, compatible with many children

at present mainly aimed at the crowd for K12 full-time students, parents of this kind of crowd around 30 basic, common use smart phones. At present there are teachers and parents app end two characters to choose from. Teacher is compatible with dual identity, teachers and parents in the aspect of the teacher but also the teacher in charge and the teacher, can realize the campus outside the class’s and grade’s management. For multiple child’s parents, the child sorting through the “my class” of information push the client can implement multiple children outside all classes in the school of management.

if registered “my class” is a teacher, after the basic information to fill in, select the role, to create a class or to join the class, find the class can also enter the nickname, notify the members of the class (teacher, parents, or other students) to join the class, then you can start using. Parents, as the operation of the process, many children can be classified management. here before the teacher way of usage scenarios and home school is the same, don’t change the teacher use habits, pass student information through the platform to parents, for parents, from the original receiving messages to search through the “my class” the client to get want information and data. At the same time, through this platform, teachers’ daily space dynamic privacy can be protected, such as .

Guo Weiwen tell cloud network, hunting last year, the government asked Beijing, shenzhen, wuxi cancel home school fees, and cancel also means that exist in name only, but without appropriate product to replace, are now known to industry products are San Francisco Remind company; And alibaba low-key launch; Listed companies, there are the main school all-pass XunTong business education; Rio d education “school” and so on; “My class” team embarked on January 14 years and plan, to start trial operation from march this year, in the pilot schools (hangzhou 2, kaiyuan middle school), and some training institutions to get a good product feedback, so far the class number for more than 1000, the number of users to 11000.

full open and full free basic services, not relying on the department of education relation promotion

“my class” open to use, all across the country, no matter the city size, as long as you are a client, or can be downloaded on the PC can be realized. To the underlying parent-school communication services are free of charge. Guo Weiwen to hunt cloud network said they mainly the functions are: SMS notification, news feeds, performance management, many children management, role management and class management. The future with the enlargement of the seed users and promotion of the school, can increase the training institutions O2O services, according to the need of training institutions (regional), grade of horse hair. Training institutions of information, of course, users can choose their subscription function. Later there will be aimed at student performance curve analysis, can be direct messages through “my class” chat, student status management, class expense management and payment management, further there will be a teaching assistant in the purchase and distribution, among children enters a higher school, select a registration procedures for the application distribution, education will be reasonable to liquidate the data on the platform.

Guo Weiwen tell hunting cloud network, their goal is the first phase of the promotion, do not consider profit problem, don’t rely on the relationship between the department of education to promote. During June 1 in operation, platform function will continue to improve, the target as of September, 3 months of operation objectives of the class number is 5000, users of 10 w. Guo Weiwen confidently tell hunting cloud network they are not afraid to be copied, relative to other products in the enclosed (conditions must be able to use teachers and parents of the students’ information in the system) they are more open, and will continue to improve product features, facing the whole country, whether it is a top school or remote mountainous area.

at the moment,” my class is expected to get the first seed users, and then to new financing (has obtained zhejiang publishing group, millions of RMB angel financing).

note: my class in 2015 China’s new media entrepreneurship competition hangzhou division the roadshow