MWC2015 communication meeting of the world: you cannot watch aircraft

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CES 2015 don’t satisfy? So please focus on March 2, start MWC2015, same as the tech industry, it is the largest communication field and the influence of exhibition. Although, many manufacturers no longer choose the exhibition as new product launch, but separate conference held in big cities like New York or London. At the same time, some manufacturers began to exit exhibition, make room for new brand the place. So, what the MWC2015 exciting, hunting cloud network compiled a don’t miss the highlight of listing.

in chronological order

HTC: New One M9 release time: on March 1, Beijing time at 23:00

“Something HUGE is” coming from HTC will enlarge recruit (HTC) “M9 on mobile phone screen positive dual speaker placement seems to become more” hidden “, and “chin” bloated design before may also have a good improvement on the M9. Hardware, reportedly One M9 will be equipped with a 5.2 inches full hd touch screen, 3 gb of memory, Xiao dragon 810 processor and 810 pixels of the camera and 4 million pixels UltraPixel front-facing camera.

samsung: the GALAXY S6 release time: Beijing time at 2:30 on March 2,

S6 in addition to the regular version will also be in the same period to launch a curved surface screen derived version of the GALAXY S6 Edge, both models of touch screen is 5.1 inches. In addition, S6 will use double glass and metal frame design. Hardware, samsung S6 admiral to carry their own Exynos 7420 processor is given priority to, equipped with press type fingerprint sensor. Run memory is 3 gb of RAM or 4 gb of RAM. Carry 20 million pixel camera and 5 million pixels front-facing camera, and USES is samsung home sensor, has the function of optical image stabilization.

Microsoft: the company mid-range smart phone is expected to release time: Beijing time on March 2,

the news that the company will pick up the latest flagship machine 10 new Windows system, launched in the second half of this year. Series of Microsoft, the company has introduced many low-end models, choose again on non released low-end machine doesn’t seem good. In view of this, Microsoft may be launched on non like similar to the company 1320 models for the smartphone market in the end. May be exposed the company 640, it support bluetooth 4.0, 3 g and double card double stay function, and equipped with capacity of 2500 mah battery.

huawei: glory X2

as the upgrade to glory X1 X2 1080 p screens will be equipped with 7.0 inches, carrying their haisi kirin 925 processor, huawei has run 3 gb of memory (RAM) and 5500 mah super capacity battery, priced at 1999 yuan. In addition, huawei will launch a smart hand ring, with a curved surface screen and the “Next” may refer to is the upgraded version – TalkBand B2 TalkBand B1. TalkBand B1 is huawei in last year’s published a smart wristband, and this time, they may directly to upgrade it into smart watches.

meizu: Ubuntu MX4

the meizu community official weibo said in a news release, meizu will debut in a non this year new MX4 carrying Ubuntu system. In this way, the meizu MX4 Flyme, YunOS will adaptation and Ubuntu three systems. Although hardware products is not new, but after the adaptation of new system will be how to performance, still exciting.

lenovo: VIBE, K50, A7600 Z3 Pro

after the acquisition of MOTOROLA, lenovo has become the world’s third-largest smartphone makers, the MWC 2015, lenovo is expected to launch up to three new handsets, and carrying the latest Android 5.0 operating system.

flagship level of association VIBE Z3 Pro, using 5.5 inch 2 k resolution screens, qualcomm Xiao dragon carrying 810 processor, 4 gb of memory, a front-facing camera 8 million pixels, the main lens 16 million pixels, also equipped with solid camera button. In addition, the VIBE Z3 Pro is equipped with a 3400 mah battery, run the VIBE UI based on Android 5.0 5.0 interface.

lenovo K50, with a 1.7 GHz eight core processor, 2 gb of RAM, 16 gb ROM (support MicroSD card extension). The 5.5 -inch 1080 p display screen, rear camera pixels, front-facing camera pixels, 5 million, 13 million the total weight of the whole machine 150 g, the fuselage specification 152.6 * 76 * 7.99 mm.

lenovo A7600, carrying eight 1.5 GHz core processor mediatek (should), 2 gb of RAM, 8 gb ROM (extension) support the MicroSD card. The 5.5 -inch 720 p display, with the same K50, camera body size is 152.4 * 76 * 8.39 mm.

: SONY Xperia Z4

SONY could launch Xperia M4 Aqua and Xperia Z4 Tablet two versions, and will carry a new Android 5.0 Lollipop system. Xperia M4 Aqua is expected to be is a have IP65/level of IP68 waterproof, dustproof function model. Possible loading 5 inch touch screen, support 720 p resolution, built-in Xiao dragon 410 processor and 2 gb storage capacity, as for the cameras could maintain the level of 8 million pixels, but will add some pictures on the high-end model function and so on.

LG: Watch Urbane

LG has announced the product will be released on the MWC 2015, will be shown at the event on G Watch R high-end version, called Watch Urbane. The smart Watch keep G Watch R basic configuration and appearance, but the higher position. In addition, LG will also launch a series of mid-range phones, including Magna, Spirit, Joy and Leon.

SONY, LG two doesn’t seem to be very anxious to break their latest flagship mobile Xperia Z4, G4 to launch on this session of MWC. Even after the parameters about the two flagship product configuration exposure, but so far there is no more credible real machine photos exposure, this is obviously not conform to the laws of the new flagship prior to release.

Google: Project Ara modular cell phone

Google hasn’t chosen a line such as HTC, samsung and LG, but by a little-known Miami mobile phone maker Yezz became the first module suppliers. Yezz has factories in the United States and China produced about 100 samples of different modules, the company will at the upcoming mobile world congress in Barcelona show samples of these modules. Google has identified technology and manufacturing goals, basic, entry-level Project Ara equipment bom cost control between $50 to $100. To be sure, this is just the cost of a component is not Project Ara mobile phone, the price of the real price may be below or above the price range.

kyocera solar charging mobile phone

this kind of solar cell phone is kyocera and French startup Sunpartner cooperation in research and development. Based on production, kyocera Torque smartphones and integrate the Sunpartner Wysips Crystal technology. Through the combination of photovoltaic (pv) and optical technology, the phone will be able to get energy from the sun. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull