Musk and play private schools, “traditional school teaching is not good, I come in person”

note: hunting cloud body blood flowed with innovation musk don’t want to stop, in addition to operating at the same time capsules, Tesla and SolarCity, he started last year created a school Ad Astra, reason is that ordinary schools on teaching students how to solve the problem made a fundamental mistake, he want to use a new way to teach children. for Business Insider reported below, by the tencent technology translation:

, Elon Musk, Beijing television station (Elon Musk) in an interview, because do not like his children to school, so he built himself a school.

the school was named Ad Astra, means “toward the stars. This school was tiny, is relatively hidden. It does not have its own web site, also do not have to create a social network account.

once wrote an article about private school in Los Angeles, Christina Simon (Christina Simon) understand the Ad Astra school. She said she met a musk and the mother of children in the same school. The mother said to Simon, relatively new Ad Astra school is small, is still in the testing phase. This school is only accepted a few of the kids and their parents is to raise staff.

musk said in an interview, Ad Astra school founded more than a year, the existing 14 students, in September this year will be increased to 20. Ad Astra grade school did not distinguish between, between grade one and grade three of the students is not obvious difference. He said: “let all the children at the same time through the same grade exam, just like an assembly line.”

he said: “some people like English or language, some people like mathematics, some people like music. Hilti, strengths. Therefore, according to their aptitude according to their attitude and ability is very important.”

musk the leave school formalities for his children, in order to set up Ad Astra even poached a teacher in school. He said: “I think these things should be done, but I didn’t see the ordinary schools to do these things.”

musk believes that ordinary schools on teaching students how to solve the problem has made a fundamental mistake. Musk said: “the professor of the solution or problem itself rather than the tools to solve the problem, it is very important.”

he said: “if you want to teach the engine’s working principle, the traditional way is to say, ‘we will teach all the knowledge about the screw driver and wrench. ‘this is a very different way of teaching.”

instead, musk think directly give the students an engine and then remove it in front of the students, the professor makes more sense. Musk explained: “we how it broken down? You need a screwdriver, and then a very important thing happened, then that is the link between tool became clear.”

the musk says, so far, the Ad Astra school seems to be operating well, the children all like to go to school.

musk said in an interview: “when I was a kid, I don’t like to go to school. School is a kind of torture.”

when musk live in Pretoria in South Africa as a child, he was often bullied by other children. His classmates had to push him from concrete platform. At another time, he was the other children played very serious that had to go to a hospital.

more unfortunately, musk family life is not easy. His relationship with his father was very nervous. In the home and in school is very hard, finally forced him to leave South Africa to the United States.