Music to say: mobile phones to speakers, also sent a “pebbles”

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cloud network recently in the study of a hunting “pebbles”, the elliptical shape, really unique, enough to attract eyeball. But, don’t know what’s the function of it. Its product owner field convective cloud network demonstration, only to know that this is a wireless music box, called “MuZO WIFI music pebbles”.

music pebbles have carefully chic appearance design, without the technology of cold, more natural, warm, used to adorn adornment household environment but not abrupt. It combines wi-fi and HiFi technology together, traditional speakers into intelligent speakers.

in particular has three steps: first, the music pebbles by traditional audio line connected to the home of old speakers; Then, in the mobile terminal such as download “MUZO player”; Finally, through the use of a key music pebbles (SmartLink) technology, 10 to 15 seconds to connect the terminals (iOS/Android). Operation is completed, you can control it for speakers song.

a brief introduction: bluetooth transmission range at about 10 meters, transmission speed is slow. Compared with bluetooth, WiFi can complete covering hundreds of meters, and higher data transmission bandwidth, can meet the need of nondestructive music transmission, anti-interference performance is also better.

alone solve the problem of the interruption of a play, obviously enough, enough rich content is also a big problem. Using simple bluetooth speakers, limited by local music or music APP, content is difficult to cover completely, install multiple APP on the phone and cumbersome. Therefore, music pebbles designed and developed their own acoustic center “MUZO music player”, similar to the collection of music APP.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting MUZO player covers a vast cloud music resources, music, language class, radio. At present there are ttpod introduced, watercress, Tunein, Pandora, the Himalayas, dragonflies FM, cook music, services, iHeartRadio. Going to introduce: netease cloud music music, baidu music, shrimp, phoenix FM, the mi goo music music and m…

in addition, it also has more room to play, as long as each speaker even on a music pebbles, can play more than a room system, with a smart terminal control all speakers, when the Party more room synchronous playing the same song, listening to music need not again at the same time can play songs.


this product by nanjing rui information technology co., LTD., development, it was reported by the multimedia chip, software and the Internet, a veteran in the field of silicon valley returnees and domestic personnel, is committed to create high quality wireless music system. At present, we have r&d center in nanjing and Shanghai, has sales and customer support center in shenzhen, founded in silicon valley in 2014 office, responsible for product research and development for the U.S. market and sales.

in addition to the C end user oriented, music pebbles as intelligent home manufacturers and traders for B end, MUZO player with content integration, and open the SDK to the B side, in order to expand the scale of the user, the deepening of the era of smart home background music. Hunting cloud network also learned that the next generation products will join the popular speech operation function, let music life more convenient, smart.

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