Music has been arrested in connection with, Emo to recognize emotions by brush face precision


the author is focus on the most recent music in terms of hardware and software, change numerous for brief is a kind of trend. If you want to faster access to conform to their own mood music, as the cloud network recommend you try the emo this music App, it can recognize your mood, more precisely, push the right song.

simply: user open the emo, scanning, and then listening to music… That’s all. Corresponding, emo is simple: the interaction of the left sliding suspension, right down a slide collection and sharing, slide or click on the lower left corner of emoticons, can switch the mood, the radio of hearts is a song by slide collection.

specifically: emo will pass your phone front-facing camera to scan your face, and then with large data matching, the cloud you calculated the present mood. By hunting cloud network trial, emotional accuracy is relatively high, in addition to the happy and sad, will also be able to identify calm, confusion, surprise, anger, fear, and so on. Incidentally, emo facial recognition technology consists of a team. So, the software can also use a brush to face login.

emo draw your current mood, after the background library will through the matching algorithm and your mood, thus to push you comply with the music of your current mood. Emo song pool, and every song by the user manual in the mood. Data from these tags emo team’s another product “arrested”, were arrested at present already has millions of users, the users not only to verify the quality of the content of the songs, song also ensures that the data fit.

need to make a brief introduction is arrested is a personalized music recommendation platform, with a history of more than ten years to explore this time the voice of simplicity, have qualitative feeling, let more independent cultural works better. “Arrested” App launched after six months, more than millions of users, there is quite a good reputation in the industry. Founder jian-guo hu was a famous record company in 08 oppo and in charge of too much music product, has the rich experience in music industry. According to introducing, in the next version of the iteration, will add more creative new features!

actually, emo is a sincerity, not only have the Chinese/English bilingual, emo also launched the ios and Android version at the same time. And, when you share through emo music to the social media such as weibo, micro letter, your friends will also be able to see your mood at that time. In order to better express your emotions, emo will share in you out of the page will use a text to explain your current mood. Different people see open text is different, it may be a line or a poem.

hunting cloud network also learned that emo’s name from a word in the English words emotion shorthand, jian-guo hu wants everyone to be able to express themselves in a emo the most sincere feelings, and get the best music experience. And make product emo this is hope and arrested form a complementary, hope that through the emo gathered a large number of users in a short period of time.

here also embarrassed: it’s not hard to see captured due to arrest do is relatively small independent music content, it has never been a explosive growth, users are accumulated bit by bit, so, even if has increased to more than 200 users, and didn’t get the outside world (investors, fans, media) enough attention.

according to jian-guo hu, were arrested App coming larger an update, the iterative were arrested after the overall orientation and mode will be more clear. Team hopes to be arrested after iteration and emo two products to try the new round of financing.