Mr. Ma: Beijing will become ali electricity system Internet services outside the camp

in the afternoon on April 23, held by alibaba group, Beijing staff meetings, chairman of the board vice chairman jack ma, Mr. Tsai, CEO Mr. Lu, CPO Peng Lei executive team almost all came from all over the world. Ma announced at the annual meeting to update the ali group since 2009 (the tenth anniversary) set up a goal, will officially changed to the “service billions of consumers” services “two billion”. In this globalization development goals, the Beijing team will play a very important role.

jack ma in his speech, encourage ali Beijing staff: “ali” Beijing today is not the best, I hope that you can make Beijing because of you and proud, to participate in the construction of Beijing, participates in the development of Beijing public welfare, participation in the economy of Beijing, in Beijing’s tax, to participate in the Beijing job creation!

jack ma will be defined as Beijing “e-commerce Internet service” stronghold.

after many years of operation and a series of acquisitions investment action, alibaba in Beijing currently has more than 8000 employees, distributed in the group to the branches in Beijing, and ants, rookie, UC, Scott, pictures, ali, ali health and their Allies, ttpod etc. Company.

jack ma said, “we must be in the future ten years later, the world, China needs to prepare all kinds of service based on the data. Is to act in an opera in electricity for these years, five years, ten years later, it is on UC, Scott, health, pictures… By your singing opera, we is echelon combat system.”

it is understood that alibaba investment, equity participation in recent years more than 100 enterprises, for the most part focused on the prosperity of Internet forms of Beijing.

“we proposed in 2009, one thousand m enterprises survival, growth and development platform, create one hundred million jobs for the world, to serve billions of consumers all over the world. Today we put billions to two billion consumers.”

jack ma said, “last year, we think more, why on earth, we are the company why, why we still can keep away in 87. We have no way to meet the world to our expectation, there is no way to satisfy every analysts expect of us, but we have to have their own understanding of the world, must go to create the future.”

after dazzling acquisition layout in recent years, are building the future ma said “seven business sectors”, respectively, in the department of ali e-commerce services, ants, financial services, rookie logistics service, large data cloud computing services, advertising services, cross-border trade service, the first six e-commerce service outside of Internet services. Beijing is the capital of the seventh business sector, “by 2019, for everyone to see alibaba is a what kind of company.”.