Mr Ma and his disciples Sun Yuchen: how I have been admitted to lake in the university?

note: hunting cloud once in university period accurate investment after the first bucket of gold COINS and tesla harvest, sharp wave CEO Sun Yuchen has become famous entrepreneurs after 90, and was voted the Forbes 30 candidates entrepreneurs under the age of 30 this year, he has received the “university of non-academic entity” jack ma lake university admission notice, to understand his admissions process.

here are Sun Yuchen oral:

before I and alibaba and don’t have much contact, and Mr. Ma also don’t know, so was YaoFang, head of the lake in the university in early January, and was invited to attend the written test, again surprised and excited.

there are eight, written examination questions include: in users, revenue, profits, most attention? What is entrepreneurship must not do?

establishment decision-making is biggest influence on you? After complete the questionnaire of more than two thousand words, I received interview on January 16, January 26th to hangzhou interview notice.

on Jan. 25, we one day in advance to get the list of group interview and interview 48 people including China li-fen wang, car home qin, qiao jiangnan wang, quick take a taxi to Chen wei magnitude.

the sheraton hotel in hangzhou, hung in the hallway of the 48 of us 20-inch portrait. Best business school in the history of formation of the eight famous dong ma, feng lun, guo guangchang, shi yuzhu, guo-jun shen, m.and w.meckling, hongbin CAI, shao xiaofeng attended.

48 people were divided into six groups, each group of eight people, by the school board group of surface and the single side respectively.

after the introduction of eight members into two groups and four “inner circle” to ask each other for half an hour, after that is the other four people “outer” questions.

feng lun don’t speak all the way, watching from the sidelines everyone’s performance. Group of surface after “I choose my classmate” link, we can choose hope and who become students, which is one of the admission criteria.

after the group of surface is single, I asked the problem enterprises is to do what, what’s vision, medium-term planning. Were impressed by the feng lun asked me such a question:

now you are young, if the future entrepreneurial success, what do you want to do?

I tell him: I venture, because recognize the entrepreneur is the basic power to maintain the country and even the society turn, not only in creating value for customers, pay taxes, promote employment, more important is to promote the commercial civilization.

in entrepreneurial success, I hope I can promote the development of commercial civilization, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit.

the whole interview lasts from this morning at eleven o ‘clock to at 7 o ‘clock in the evening, after the interview Mr. Ma called everyone together and speak about why lake in the university, he is the main point of the Chinese entrepreneurs lack of platform for mutual assistance.

shi yuzhu is such a word: the first issue of the lake must be best, because in a period is the best.

lake university gave me the feeling is this is a school of entrepreneurs. Although ma is the cheung kong graduate school of the first batch of students, this is what he told us:

“an MBA is useless, doing business is like war, keep up with the same battle, a lot of people were killed on the battlefield, the rest is alive. Tell white, enterprises pursue is not successful, but don’t fail.”

he also stressed that human business mistakes, the most important is twenty or thirty, and the lake will specializes in failure

another lake, whether in written or an interview are very emphasis on values. Such as university of lake WeChat admissions in the introduction write so a words:

, we believe, stick to the bottom line, perfect the social spirit is the real entrepreneur. It means when we face temptation and pain from the start of a decision, here, we study and explore is the Yin and Yang game behind decisions.

this and Mr. Ma has long been a point of view is in the socialist construction.

we this class may be lake partner in the future. Ma tells us: the first students are partners, develop depend on the first student. On February 7, I received the admission notice, also have such a words: “the entrance is just the beginning, the lake will be the first students of this school.”

lake college recruit students general rules system is introduced for two years, focus on learning every two months time, every 4 to 5 days, the area south of the Yangtze river in the west lake will rebuild for our venue, eight lectures the governors.

a year after two years of tracking observation period to graduate. Start time is Tuesday to Thursday, this is a big challenge to me. But Mr. Ma’s view is that even if a beginner time arrangement is not good, business is difficult to success.

the lake are expected to open at the end of march, Mr Ma will be about “business strategy” course for five days.

since guo-jun shen will teach capital and complex relationship, feng lun is responsible for the enterprise change. The letter of admission will be sent after the lunar New Year, Mr Ma has told us the tuition, 280000, he says, the average cost per 275000, he earned five thousand dollars only.