“Mowgli” is not just an acquaintance anonymous social, is the key to crush notifier match

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just need social has been the Internet market, both based on the social contacts, also have anonymous social products, style is multifarious, according to the analysis of the intersection of two acquaintances anonymous social direction also there is a huge business opportunities. Do “young” for example, although a new generation of young people are more open, dare to love dare to say, but still have a lot of young people is not very good at express their feelings, and polarization that may occur because of the contrast. If there is a based on the acquaintance of men and women feeling of anonymous way to solve matching products, what do you think?

on May 18, launched a social product, mowgli, a cell phone directory based acquaintances like speed dating app, anonymous do through anonymous form very good solve the user’s privacy and “rejected” embarrassment and humiliation, whom if two people to each other for a long time, the mysterious veil, innovative solution before products do one-way but can’t solve the problem of matching.

founder WuWang should, former red peach K, general manager of hebei, Chinese online division general manager, senior VP VIVA, Internet business started in 2009, he later resolutely give up tens of millions of stock options to choose their own business, “mowgli” is his second venture projects. WuWang should accept hunting cloud network, said in an interview this anonymous way of expression that gives young people a lot of courage, actually two people each other admire already a long time, but they are only the “finishing” courage broke this enough. Girl although they usually is a careless person, but in the emotional aspects is very careful, heart is very fragile, worried about damage to anonymous confession match will be in the form of life have a significant effect on them.

specific to the product function, mowgli’s first feature is based on the mobile phone address book valentine. Using mowgli for the first time, the system will mobile phone address book automatically add to the product to the user if someone has a crush on already a long time on mobile phone address book, you can do direct send information. This information is unified by the mowgli system editor, and the user’s identity has been blurred, after waiting for the other party agreed to do, the two can be unveiled began to normal love. In this process, mowgli is cross-platform, and can also be the match expression by anonymous text messages passed to not mowgli users.

mowgli’s second feature, the product is not just a one-way, the key lies in a two-way speed dating. From social attribute level, no matter the acquaintance social WeChat, QQ, etc., or anonymous social secret, no secret, etc., they can replace “mowgli” part of the function, but have to say, they do more emphasis on one-way, but mowgli and main unrequited love match function.

from the point of view of unrequited love match, mowgli is more instrumental, to increase user stickiness, mowgli add “circle” functionality. The class is the circle. It is a place of tolerance, regardless of the notorious, or a fair death honors the whole life, as long as have a heart of compassion, all inclusive; It is an equal place, hear “chairman”, “President” call; It is a snobbish place, is the place of private party, is the place that outsider always curious, here also can be arbitrary, because mowgli anonymity, will constantly change ma3 jia3 to users.

suspicious, unrequited love match the social social demand point exactly? WuWang should introduce to the hunting cloud network, on May 20, sponsored by the mowgli China’s first college graduates do “collective” activity hall was held in one hundred in Beijing university. Event of one thousand people do to each other more than 30 lovers of success hand in hand, at the same time attract sina, netease, sohu, tencent, such as more than 30 Internet media, there are a lot of visual media, print media, new media, such as event $hits.

in my opinion, mowgli flagship of unrequited love match does have a certain critical point, there are a lot of market demand, but from the social environment, the market in a muddy water, good and evil people mixed up, for mowgli, how to keep the user has a crush on match after a successful retained on the product is a problem worth thinking about, and second, the current mowgli’s feature set is relatively thin and, of course, do not rule out later will add new functions, in general, “mowgli” opportunities and challenges coexist.

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