Moveha: 90 after the team work, one-stop international students remote house platform

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

according to the international education association of IEE recently released the 2014 us open doors report, according to data from 2013-2014 school year international students studying in the United States increased 8%, to 886000, Chinese students is the main factor to drive growth, the growth of 16.5%, the total number of breakthroughs in 274000, accounting for 31% of the total number of international students in the United States. Can be seen from these data, the foreign student group is quite large, the market has the very big development space, and remote rental service is one of the demands for larger. After become a prospective students, the biggest problem facing may be housing, as Moveha founder, international students to rent a lot of difficulties, know nothing to the local living environment; Language communication is difficult; There is time query inconvenient and so on. and need to see the qualifications of the people that rent a house that rent a house in the United States, for example, a person has been working to rent, leasing company may require you to pay is several times of the rent. Want to rent, it’s not easy.

Chinese students Zhang Jing will aim at the market, the team members are “quasi” after 90, and in addition to code the agriculture are sprouting girl (including the boss), they created the American students rent – Moveha platform, take the Move for the meaning of happiness. The young girl told Beijing cloud network hunting: “experienced the stage, I also know that international students to rent. And after graduation, I have been doing a product about student exchanges of China and the United States, found that many people in the above chat to rent. Moveha such a product, so I want to do to make international students to rent more easy, try to help remove the obstacles in the process of study.”

Moveha service in school undergraduate course above all of the students in the United States, use a completely free platform. Platform there are two main types of housing, most are from the regular apartment housing real estate company, only need through Moveha platform online booking and submit their personal information in the process of booking and I20 form (each study in the United States students admission and visa interview the necessary files, used for a U.S. visa, prove that the applicant’s student identity, admission, and student work legally qualified) can get a booking proof, and application fee directly to the United States after sign the formal contract. Part of this is private property, the platform will ask for before use for registration of the school, ensure the sublessor information true.

when renting, students on the platform and the landlord contact, complete the signing of deposit in a set of processes, all the landlord identity validated. In the process, the deposit is to Moveha first, after waiting for the user to the United States, after be being entered money call the landlord again.

Moveha provide housing cover to California, Chicago, Boston and New York, Seattle, New Jersey, as part of the as long as the name, enter school on Moveha will show houses near the school, can learn about the school and the distance between housing, the housing around the facilities and the information such as beer and skittles simple and intuitive. It is worth mentioning that Moveha also launched a custom service, as long as their own information and personal preferences, Moveha will provide a Local Local Director according to your requirements, your budget, as well as your check-in time to help you find suitable housing. And custom service price relative to pass intermediary or find their own room, must be lower than the both.

why can provide this kind of price advantage, Zhang Jing said Moveha not intermediary, we hope to make it a O2O platform of a larger, more is to provide a free platform for the rental, custom service is just a small part of, and in the early stage of the development, we hope that through this way to publicity to promote out, is the long term, rather than on immediate interests.

Moveha in May last year to get the angel round investment, formally launched in July, now site daily active users have a 2000-3000, more than 10000 users in Moveha platform success rent, also the domestic branch was established in hangzhou, is mainly responsible for domestic customer service and technical support. The company is currently in the pre – A round of funding.