Morning: zhang yong took over CEO, ali li visit zhongguancun business street

May 8 (text/who)

zhang took over alibaba group CEO

alibaba group announced that zhang yong will be ali group CEO, at the same time, a line of ali’s President after all by 70. Mr. Lu, CEO of guangzhou people born, will become alibaba vice chairman of the board. Ali today all managers, 80 managers accounted for more than half of 52%, after the 70 managers accounted for 45%, at the same time, ali group owns 3000 employees after 90.

li visit zhongguancun business street

of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and state council premier li keqiang has arrived in China academy of sciences and Beijing zhongguancun business street investigation research. He stressed that promote the entrepreneurship, peoples innovation is fully inspired millions of people wisdom and creativity of major reform measures, is the important way to realize country strong and the people rich, to resolutely eliminate various bondage and shackles, entrepreneurial innovation become the trend of The Times, gather up the economic and social development of powerful new kinetic energy.

Uber bid $3 billion bid for nokia maps business

is the global expansion of U.S. mobile travel service providers around Uber, has formally to nokia provides a takeover offer, price could be $3 billion. Before, the industry is generally estimated that nokia maps Here business assets worth around $3 billion. But with participating in bidding for the company more and more, nokia may sell a good price, even at $6 billion.

easy to transport plan published E – Car

easy to transport and bazaar man announced the launch of “E – Car plan”, concrete is easy to transport the plan will be in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen launched thousands of new energy vehicles, travel platform to create new energy. At the same time, easy to use App has been launched “new energy vehicles” option, the billing methods as follows: 5 yuan fare + 0 yuan per minute + 0.99 yuan per kilometer.

new energy vehicles include the double qing prius hybrid, Volvo S60L, baic EV series, also including the tesla green models. Also announced and putian new energy, such as the brand, teng potential depth cooperation, to develop new energy travel alliance, to build new energy city.

– unrealized investment, acquisition, sale, the IPO…

the ali smartphone manufacturers will invest in India Micromax

alibaba group is considering to invest in domestic well-known smartphone manufacturers Micromax. It is understood that alibaba group considering holding Micromax “a large part of the” equity, but the size of the deal has not been finalized. Micromax equity stakes, can let the alibaba group into the fast-growing smartphone market in India.

the 58 city to buy chinahr

there are rumours that 58 city today will buy chinahr, fastest news was released this week. Currently 58 city has not issued a response about the matter. Industry analysts say 58 city originally focus blue-collar job, if buy chinahr can be complementary. 58 city can provide the whole recruitment service after the merger.

us review site Yelp for sale

the review site Yelp is self assessment, seeking to sell. The message to stimulate its shares rose 23% on Thursday. , according to people familiar with the San Francisco company is cooperation and investment Banks, which in recent weeks has been with potential buyers to contact us. Yelp’s current market value of about $3.41 billion, expected to cost over $3.5 billion.

Fitbit seek the nyse IPO

the securities and exchange commission in the near future, according to documents of smart wristband manufacturer Fitbit just submit the IPO material, the company prepared through the IPO to raise $100 million. At the same time, the securities and exchange commission documents also show that Fitbit now rapidly growing and profitable. Allegedly, Fitbit program listed on the New York stock exchange, stock code for “FIT”.

– investment, acquisition, earnings, layoffs…

tencent invested 50 million yuan to buy into TCL subsidiary huan network technology

TCL group, a subsidiary of huan network science and technology because of their business development needs, in order to increase endowment spread ways introduced strategic investors, tencent. Tencent’s investment and tianjin cheng won 50 million yuan huan parker network science and technology after the capital increase of a 7.143% stake. TCL group and changhong innovation investment to each own a 27.394% interest huan network science and technology, tianjin cheng cypress stake to 20%.

skyworth acquired Germany Metz TV business

skyworth has signed a treaty in the middle of April buy Metz veteran TV companies in Germany (beauty) TV business, purchase price is less than 100 million yuan. For skyworth, Germany is the first leg of a trip to Europe market their own brands. But the Chinese brand in the global color TV market rising trend has become increasingly obvious.

alibaba, nvidia, nintendo rich

alibaba group in the fourth quarter, on revenue of 17.425 billion yuan ($2.811 billion), up 45% from a year earlier. Based on the general accounting rules, the net profit of 7.741 billion yuan ($1.249 billion), up 16% from a year earlier. Ali fourth-quarter diluted earnings per share of $0.48, above analysts’ expectations.

the global graphics technology and digital media processor industry leading companies nvidia first fiscal revenue was $1.151 billion, up 4% from a year earlier, the ring after falling 8%; Net profit of $134 million, fell 2%, fell by 31%; Diluted earnings per share of $0.24, the same period of last year for $0.24.

the Japanese video game maker nintendo report shows that its operating profit for the first time in 4 years from negative to positive, just beating analysts’ expectations, thanks to cut costs to offset the impact of revenue growth to slow down. Fourth quarter operating profit of 24.8 billion yen ($207.6 million), more than my previous forecast of 20 billion yen target and analysts predicting the average of 23.8 billion yen.

Siemens announced 4500 job cuts again

Germany’s Siemens announced Thursday will further cut 4500 jobs worldwide, this round of layoffs mainly for electricity and gas sectors some poor performance, and other business units, including 2200 German employees will be laid off.

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