Morning: Tmall start years large presses, millet 4 fever severely 4 I Bug constantly updated

On May 26,


Tmall big start years to promote comprehensive

Tmall officially released years big solution. According to Tmall market, managing spirit days revealed yesterday that Tmall with globalization and super brand this year for years large spindle to promote, advertising, only total Tmall and brand will jointly launched more than 1.6 billion, other distributed cash bonus will be more than 100 million.

years buy buy buy, later to hand cut two times a year, good sad.

– two “problem” news, changed is said to have a beginner’s mind, one should be the slogan.

unicom huasheng response jingdong refurbished machine events

jingdong, according to the customer to buy two cell phones of suppliers is a wholly owned subsidiary of China unicom unicom huasheng, regular and reliable supply source, and the relevant documents shall be issued by certificate. Unicom huasheng, according to the supplied to the iPhone jingdong, all sourced from apple’s quality goods trading, never involving the iPhone refurbished machine sales business.

now that’s all right, refurbished machine with self-healing capability? Good magic

millet 4 fever, 4 I Bug constantly updated

millet 4 users have said recently, over the past few weeks, even if they only receive calls, phone will fever. Because of the fuselage overheating, some users to make high temperature phone close to the ear, started wearing headphones to make calls. Millet company recently admitted the problem, and announced in the official statement will be issued as soon as possible update to fix the problem.

4 I millet users, said after the update, the data connection is not stable, battery life time reduced by half. Some users complain that their mobile phone camera can’t normal use. The millet announced software update have stopped pushing.

millet ah, you have a fever quickly with white and black…

– three events will buy on the way…

Twitter proposed $1 billion acquisition of a unique

Twitter is buying a unique, valued at about $1 billion. From takeover talks began earlier this year, Twitter enabler is the current chief financial officer Anthony Noto. Acquisition way possible to total shares.

pass Microsoft wants to spend $7 billion buying blackberry

the current Microsoft seems very interested in to buy the old mobile phone manufacturer, the company is willing to give a $7 billion offer for test. Microsoft has hired deutsche bank and Goldman sachs group inc., to evaluate the transaction, in order to help determine the blackberry is worth.

Charter for $55 billion to buy time warner cable

American cable operator Charter Communications will be a deal to buy time warner cable. The price of the deal at $195 a share in cash and stock, deal price of about $55 billion. Time warner cable’s current market value of $48 billion. This is the fourth time Charter Communications in the past three years trying to buy time warner cable.

– two “subsidy” news, subsidies don’t is quietly died, and is a heroic sacrifice

beaver home 100 million subsidies user

beauty industry O2O platform beaver family announced that starting O2O beauty industry area has one of the biggest users of subsidies for plan: starting from May 25 this year, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, hangzhou, chengdu, guangzhou beaver home users can enjoy the beautiful door-to-door service ultra low price. The plan, beaver family subsidies will reach 100 million yuan investment.

doodle nail recent momentum is good, looks like carved ye feel the pressure.

love carpooling because capital chain rupture announced stop services

carpooling platform love carpooling to stop service notice said, according to the love of carpool announcement, closed at 3 p.m. on May 25 new user registration services, released on June 1, 12 a.m. will be closed route and grab a single service, June 5, 0 points up close the server, to stop all service support. Love carpool “fallen” under now carpooling infighting is particularly striking, industry would accelerate elimination and integration.

“drops” will be launched in June, carpooling game intensified market capital.

– three will be increased to raise the message

unisplendour to increase to raise 22.5 billion

unisplendour release raise plan, plans to raise funds not more than 22.5 billion yuan, which is mainly used to buy three a 51% stake in the Hong Kong China. It is important to note that the increased participants also included two employee stock ownership plan, the employee stock ownership plan to participate in the total of 9500 employees. Company stock resumed today.

le regard to increase to raise 7.5 billion

networks announced, announced that it plans to no more than five specific objects, non-public is not more than 200 million shares, the total will not exceed 7.509 billion yuan to raise money. After deducting costs issue will be used for all of the following projects: 4.4 billion yuan for video content repository construction projects; 991 million yuan for platform application technology research and development projects; 517.5 million yuan for brand marketing system construction project; 600 million yuan to repay the bank loan; Used to supplement working capital of $1 billion.

Jia Yueting plan on May 29, 2015 solstice during November 28, reduce its individual direct holdings do not exceed 148.0495 million shares, which does not exceed 8% of the company’s total equity. The current depending on the total market value of 141.3 billion, with a 8% stake in calculation, Jia Yueting blocks up to 11.3 billion yuan. According to the announcement, Jia Yueting its entire underweight proceeds to lend the company used as working capital.

branch electrical lu 3 billion

ke lu electronic fitting to a particular object private bank’s stock total no more than 120 million shares, issue price of 25.65 yuan/share, the total will not exceed 3.078 billion yuan, raise money after deducting costs issue for wisdom energy industrialization project of the Internet, charging network cloud platform project, management and service platform project sell electricity networks energy sources and the 220 mw photovoltaic power generation project ground.

– three personnel changes is

apple ivey promotion to chief design officer

apple’s design guru Jonathan ivey has been promoted to chief design officer, is apple’s latest set up to this position. Ivey minimalist has impact on many Apple products, Apple from Apple iMac to smart Watch Watch, etc. After accept the new post, ivey work will focus on the current product design, new ideas and future planning. And ivey daily management responsibilities will be handed over to its long-term partner Richard howarth, the latter will be solely responsible for industrial design. And Alan will be responsible for user interface design.

360 established enterprise security group, qi becoming CEO

360 announced the formation of enterprise security group, 360, President of qi as 360 enterprise security group CEO. 360 also released the unknown threat perception system based on big data – 360 eye, claims for government, financial, energy, operators and other large enterprise customers to provide the discovery of the unknown threat and the back function.

way cattle fortune, appointment of new directors

road net income rose 115.9% year-on-year in the first quarter, to 1.25 billion yuan ($201.4 million), the net loss of 233.1 million yuan, in the same period last year net loss of 62.7 million yuan, the loss is widening. Way cattle announced the appointment of jingdong mall CEO, general manager of haoyu shen, hony capital Cindy Chen as a director.

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