Morning: the most beautiful flowers such as financing, tesla WiFi master key

hunting cloud network February 12 (text/who)

is the most beautiful flowers, Faaso, CXA, car life, which work, Wandera, beauty makeup tips, the financing Quixey

electricity is the most beautiful flowers bloom for tencent tens of millions of dollars investment. “is the most beautiful flower will product positioning low-end market,” the basic price is in 169 yuan to 199 yuan between. “The most beautiful flowers” has said this investment will be mainly used for brand promotion and product design and development, has now signed Yang mi, as brand ambassador.

Faaso won $20 million in financing. Faaso is India an enterprise specifically target white-collar users online reservation. Internet company with investment from India one VC Lightbox led, Sequoia to participate in this round of financing have existing investors.

CXA won A $8 million round of funding. CXA is a dedicated to provide insurance for enterprise employees and health services online market of Singapore. NSI Ventures is CXA this financing round led party, other investment institutions include F& H and BioVeda. After the financing, CXA plans to bring their business to other 12 Asian countries.

“car life” won the east Buddhism millions Pre – A wheel. is a “car life” will repair, maintenance, modification, navigation, illegal driving, car rental, mall, generation and so on everything to do with auto business integration of information, and to provide search and trading platform. This round of funding is mainly used for the future project development, construction and project promotion, etc.

“which work” 25 million yuan. A round of funding. which is the earliest a batch of work to do Internet recruitment and the algorithm is adopted to job seekers and the enterprise for matching. Money will be used in product development, development and marketing team. The investment by the shield Ann group’s venture led a mountain, surplus, investors Wang Huai with shots.

Wandera won $15 million B round of funding. Wandera field at enterprises, faced with more demanding corporate customers, Wandera can optimize data traffic at the same time, provide enterprises with strong data security. By 83 north collar, Bessemer Venture Partners for refs.

“beauty makeup tips” for Korea partner 10 million dollars to A round of funding. together round investors Investment (Empower Investment) with pitch. Beauty makeup tips to position itself as a beauty makeup circle public comments, in addition to bearing users to share objective information flow community, “beauty makeup tips” has been leaning on the product shape is becoming more and more to the database.

Quixey will again, 60 million jinling in alibaba. Other investors including , Twitter, softbank, Goldman Sachs, George Soros, GGV Capital, a former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Innovation Endeavors. Quixey application is a search engine, its index a large amount of unstructured data.

WiFi master key employees millions each one tesla

Shanghai owners technology CEO 2 habib gb internal letter, which will have WiFi master key team every working more than 4 month, each a tesla worth millions. Hunting cloud network understand that accords with a condition about 40 employees, it will cost about 40 million owners company.

baidu, tesla, cisco, nvidia get rich report

baidu in the fourth quarter of the total revenue reached 14.05 billion yuan ($2.264 billion), up 47.5% from a year earlier. From baidu’s net income of 3.229 billion yuan ($520.4 million), the year-on-year growth of 16%.

tesla in the fourth quarter of last year on revenue of $956.7 million, compared to $761 million a year earlier, but below Wall Street expectations of $1.21 billion. Since the fourth quarter of last year the tesla sold 9834 cars, not to achieve sales goals needed to 11000 vehicles last year.

conducted in the second quarter the total revenue of $11.936 billion, more than $11.155 billion over the same period last year increased by 7%; Net profit to $2.4 billion, increased by 67.7% than the same period of last year’s $1.4 billion.

nvidia in the fourth quarter on revenue of $1.251 billion, more than $1.144 billion over the same period last year growth of 9%; Net profit of $193 million, more than $147 million over the same period last year growth of 31%.

love will in the exclusive broadcast in the 2015 CCTV Spring Festival gala

CCTV together iQIYI announced that iQIYI. 2015 CCTV in the Spring Festival gala exclusive live online copyright of domestic and overseas, will be the first time in New Year’s eve live through iQIYI platform for global Spring Festival gala, and at the end of the broadcast quickly provide live on demand service.

ant gold suit to take a stake in gravels fund

gravels fund and ant gold has signed a framework agreement, the ant gold suit will take capital contribution in the form of equity participation and gravels fund, stake of 30%. It is understood that the framework agreement also agreed at the same time, on the premise of laws and regulations allow, the ant gold suit shall have the right to increase the stake to 60%. The source did not disclose the specific amount of participation.

tencent ROM system TOS will open on March 3rd closed

before, there has been talk, tencent is preparing to launch its own ROM system TOS. On February 10, and called it “tencent TOS” sina weibo launched, authentication, and has V account information is shown as “shenzhen tencent computer systems co., LTD.”. Tencent weibo released by the TOS TOS will begin on March 3, closed, and said “I have infinite possibility”.

tesla widened in the greater China CMO Kim joon left

tesla’s global vice President Kim joon, greater China CMO resigned from tesla China, leaving reason is unknown. Kim joon in September 15, a formal induction tesla in China, the departure, in tesla’s time less than five months. In December last year, the original tesla global vice President, China CEO Wu Bixuan from tesla also left the company.