Morning: the iPhone again in new vulnerabilities, the queen of the Internet report 2015 top 15 points

May 28 (text/who)

iPhone again in new vulnerabilities

revealed a new hole in the iPhone. You just send a content for a series of special characters of short message can let the recipient’s mobile phone. Messages on the mobile phone application will collapse. In some cases, the hole can also lead to the iPhone to restart. It is said that the special character of contents be: “. The effective Power?????????????????? ? ? H? ? Redundant “.

it is said that the problem results from mobile phone failed to unicode code to understand correctly, which leads to the short information memory more than usual, as a result of iOS collapse or cell phone to restart. Solution: either please send a short message again each other, either by Siri or Mac to send a short message to oneself.

alipay network failure, 2 hours after repair

17 PM yesterday afternoon, the more netizens reflect pay treasure to malfunction, unable to log in, cell phones and computers version cannot normal use pay treasure, pay treasure to purse landing page shows “request timeout, please try again later”. Xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, it is known that the failure is due to certain place due to got the fiber cut.

two hours is to repair a success.

2015, the queen of the Internet report 15 main

1. The total number of Internet users rose 8% last year, down from 10% in 2013 and 11% in 2012.

2. The total number of mobile Internet subscribers increased to 7 billion, the intelligent mobile phone subscribers increased to 2.1 billion.

3. New Internet users “probably” is for the first time to get to the Internet via a communication applications.

4. In the United States, 64% of Internet users is the use of intelligent mobile Internet, compared with the proportion was only 18% in 2009.

5. The user cost of Internet access in the vertical screen time obtained the exponential growth, to 29% in 2015.

6. Teenagers love Snapchat “burn after reading” communication applications, image sharing sets and Facebook social networking platform.

7. 87% of teenagers say its smartphone around all night.

8. 76% of teens use smartphone’s camera concurrency on social media, 6% are not sure what they might do with cell phone camera to.

9. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) of bearing in the exponential growth every year.

10. Until the end of 2014, the total number of ads software grew by 136%, to 410000 applications.

11. 69% of the security vulnerabilities are not discovered by vulnerabilities of its own.

12. Total workforce in the United States, the proportion of 4 now has reached 35%.

13. 25% of the migrants “on-demand construction” (for example a taxi service Uber Lyft driver and car service, or on-demand delivery company Postmate couriers, etc.) using one or more platforms.

14. Millet smartphone shipments in China temporarily occupy the leading position on the market, more than the apple.

15. In India, 65% of Internet usage from the mobile platform.

apple plans to issue bonds financing about $1.6 billion in Japan

apple, with nearly $200 billion in cash, is the richest company in the world. However, savvy apple will still be in the United States and around the world in countries with lower interest rates, issuing bond financing, utmost reduce the financial cost. The latest news that apple plans to issue bonds financing about $1.6 billion in Japan.

the financing income, apple will be used to buy back shares return for shareholders, and expand business in Japan.

ali give him bank approved for the opening

ali in zhejiang version of private bank to opening, approve its registered capital is 4 billion yuan. Give him bank, said the pure Internet way, not the physical presence, don’t do cash business, also won’t into traditional bank offline businesses such as checks, drafts, etc. Give him bank clearly won’t do the loans of 5 million yuan of above.

at this point, the China banking regulatory commission last year the first batch of pilot’s private Banks have been allowed to the business.

wanda quick launch Internet financial products

wanda and quick to highlight by both sides to build the first Internet financial products “sharp”. This is wanda in January announced a $315 million deal to buy quick, after a 68.7% stake in the substantial financial products to surface in the first paragraph of the article. Quick have started across the product line extension, not only in terms of finance, the enterprise credit and personal credit, data integration, O2O financial do the layout, financing, marketing, and more Internet then will overlay the c-terminal personal financial services to users. In addition, the channel of raising are under preparation.

the apple is to develop Proactive with Google Now competition

there are sources said apple’s staff is working to develop Proactive project, the project will turn Siri personal voice assistant services, contacts, calendar, and a variety of application fuses in together, at the right time to provide customers with the appropriate information, so as to compete with Google’s Google Now service.

the iOS operating system of the Spotlight search screen will be improved, which is based on the user’s calendar and used to automatically fill the content.

cool mobile phone application will use the raise plan

profile to start the “cool cell phone base application the raise plan”, open to the free APP developers based mobile phone applications, is recognized by users and experts evaluation, will preset in the cool cell phone free, can cover a year 50 million domestic mobile phones and 30 million overseas. Developers may also by his/her recommendations, receive financing from six major investment opportunities.

this time really is the universal machine.

“hammer” cell phone exposure parameters: 5.5 -inch + 8 core processor

ministry of equipment certification center website unveiled the machine configuration, and confirmed that this model is equipped with a 5.5 -inch touch screen really, and built-in 1.5 GHz eight processors, with 2 gb of RAM and 16 gb ROM combination of storage and carry 13 million pixel camera, is expected to be officially released in July this year.

average big xinjiang innovation and Accel launched SkyFund fund

average big xinjiang innovation and Accel SkyFund jointly launched the world’s first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) funds, to provide developers with capital, technology and other resources, such as all-round support, to promote the vigorous development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) ecosystem. Funds will invest include robot hardware and software, computer vision, navigation, multimedia tools with the community is a leader in the field of start-ups.

SkyFund will be particularly supports the use of average SDK development of surveying and mapping, image, agricultural application, inspection and other entrepreneurs.

nokia bought an American telecom service providers

nokia nokia network infrastructure department and the United States a self-organizing network company Eden Rock Communications signed a purchase agreement. Nokia is the purpose of the acquisition to strengthen its telecoms network equipment business, because the self-organizing network is “one of the fastest growth in mobile broadband industry.”

nokia did not disclose the financial details on the acquisition, saying only that the deal will be completed in the third quarter of this year.

OculusVR acquisition computer vision manufacturer

Facebook’s OculusVR bought a company called “surreal” vision (SurrealVision) computer vision of the company, is expected to be in the fusion of virtual reality and reality real scene made significant progress. However, the two companies are now not to disclose the amount of the acquisition.

sudden death of science and technology media mobiles in August will be “resurrection”

in March this year, the United States science and technology news site mobiles, suddenly announced the closure of the readers and the industry is very shocked. The latest news that the site is about to change the new owner, will be back online on August 15. Mobiles was born in 2006, is the more famous science and technology news site, the site named Mr Malik, founder of the early years was once a Forbes magazine columnist.

ehi get rich report

ehi first-quarter net revenue of RMB 295.5 million ($47.7 million), compared with the 183.9 million yuan in the same period of last year growth of 60.7%; The net profit of 3.6 million yuan ($600000), compared with the same period last year net loss of 17.8 million yuan.

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