Morning: suspected of selling the iPhone refurbished machines, jingdong be gratified investigate the truth

May 25 (text/who)

allegedly selling iPhone refurbished machines, jingdong be gratified investigate the truth

the ms wu, this year in Beijing jingdong mall bought a 3000 yuan of apple 5 c phone, buy frequently, because of a malfunction after the phone sent to maintenance, repair shop identified the phone as refurbished machines, its early in October 2013, has been registered in the UK. The jingdong said: “at that time the product supplier, a wholly owned subsidiary of China unicom unicom huasheng, generation of dealers is apple authorized countries. We are willing to cooperate with related departments, a thorough investigation, find out the real problem.”

smart home beauty companies seeking an IPO, plans to raise $75 million m

submitted to the securities and exchange commission, according to, S – 1, the documents show the company for $75 million IPO. in the file disclosure, the company has hired Goldman sachs, credit suisse and merrill lynch lead underwriters for the IPO. The company has been in the field of home automation efforts, and made a series of trade agreements with service providers, in order to provide safety facilities and products, thus let users better remote control lights, locks and other household devices.

Mozilla give up launched a $25 Firefox mobile phone

the Mozilla eventually found out super cheap mobile phone does not guarantee with Google android competition to win. In emails addressed to the employees, chief executive of Mozilla Chris beard said the company would quickly change mobile phone strategy: “we found that $25 phones and not attractive enough. We will focus on providing a better user experience, not only pay attention to the price.” Mozilla seems to have decided to offer all kinds of the price of mobile phone. He’s even mentioned in the mail Mozilla machine will continue to research and development function.

Snapchat investment application Spring shopping

, according to people familiar with the popular application message Snapchat desire into electricity. The company was launched last year Spring investment shopping application. It is unclear what Snapchat investment scale, also do not know if this round of investment of the Spring is over. Spring has announced in April, the company won $25 million in financing, but does not include Snapchat investors. Regulatory documents, the parent of the Spring Jello Labs of funding gap of $5.7 million, still its project financing totaling $30.7 million.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Salesforce fell through

Microsoft cloud computing with the enterprise and the world’s largest online software service providers, has held this spring acquisition problem “important negotiations”, but because the two sides failed to agree on the price issue and cause failure. Microsoft was willing to offer an estimated $55 billion, but the founder of Salesforce as CEO marc benioff adhere to cost around $70 billion. Salesforce is worth about $48.4 billion.

blackberry confirmed that layoffs, focusing on mobile phone department

the blackberry issued a statement confirmed that the company will cut the smartphone department of a large number of employees, the move aims to make mobile phone business shrinking profit. Blackberry, claimed that the company has “decided to integrate software and hardware and the application of business, a move that will affect the global large Numbers of workers”. Blackberry, however, did not disclose the specific number of employees affected by the consolidation measures.

former Microsoft greater China chairman Mr. Leung as net dragon vice chairman

the original Microsoft global vice President, greater China chairman and vice chairman and CEO Mr. Leung as net dragon company owned by China fishery education company CEO. According to net dragon aspect, Mr. Leung after joining net dragon, fish will mainly be responsible for the China education overall strategy and daily operation, and the net dragon global education business strategic planning and development.

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