Morning: sure enough, 360 with cool cell phone called “cool”

hunting cloud network May 4 (text/who)

360 cool named the new “cool”

qihoo 360 company’s upcoming joint venture with cool new mobile phone brands have been identified, called “cool”, on May 6, will be officially released this brand. At present, the 360 OS community has launched more than a month, attracted tens of thousands of geek to join. 360 OS based on the Android system to a large extent modify, blended in 360 on software and security advantages and ability.

cool is expected, in fact, send (air) is also good. Anyway, compared with 58 of the market difficulty, 5 cast or collection of 8, that is the question.

apple confirm wrist tattoo can affect watches

apple confirmed wrist tattoos may indeed affect AppleWatch certain function. Officially open in AppleWatch after-sales, some users have been said with tattoo parts of the wrist can’t normal use: the lock screen cannot be automatic unlock and heart rate monitoring data is wrong, etc., these problems in the wrist tattoo deeper the wearer’s body is more apparent.

apple advice can use another kind of bluetooth connection of the heart rate monitor chest strap. The rhythm of the table to buy chest?

360 for AV – C standard behind exit review

international evaluation institutions AV – Comparatives (hereinafter referred to as the AV – C) issued a statement, said 360, baidu, tencent and other Chinese manufacturers use special version for testing, robbed 360 latest test awards in 2015. 360 rounds, the statement said the two sides could not agree on measurements, decided to quit the AV – 360 C evaluation.

it is said that the symantec, Comodo is already out of the AV – C, combination did not participate in this kind of evaluation. This prize don’t don’t, the old paper is not finished with you.

Uber owners in guangzhou this week’s official website will be temporarily closed

distance Uber (Uber) guangzhou office (April 30) checked there have been four days, reflect more driver yesterday received a SMS notification Uber, Uber guangzhou owners website home of the “driver”, this week will be suspended opening to the outside world, and by mail or phone reply to questions from the driver with a partner.

soil disaffected Uber when cured???????

pushed tesla energy storage battery for $3000 on

tesla launched different series of batteries for residential and commercial products. Which called “Powerwall” household energy storage battery, its weight 100 kg, 10 kWh, 7 kWh two different models, price from $3000. Show the tesla also shows for everyone “PowerPacks”, it is an enterprise level battery, company says can be used in an infinite loop.

your family need charging treasure?

Google calls let you open the APP

Google for Android added a new feature, to use the Android mobile phone users can through the voice commands to open some application or perform a search function, users using the APP, shout a with respect to OK.

big power power that a “58 city” instant raped my ears.

Chinese consortium over billions to buy apple former supplier

the image sensor manufacturer OmniVision (i.e., “Howe technology”) agree to the Chinese consortium led by China and investment by acquisition. Clinch a deal the price to $29.75 a share, according to the 58.11 million shares of equity calculation, price to $1.73 billion (RMB 10.729 billion). For domestic buyers, or a good acquisition targets.

Howe technology was apple’s camera chip suppliers, but has been replaced by other competitors.

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