Morning: search radar such as financing, apple push HealthKit pilot service

cloud network hunting on February 6th (text/who)

search radar, bear the housekeeper, Eero, supu from mall, Zoom, Qumulo, Guardant Health, the financing SoFi

search radar for millions of PreA investment. search radar crowd a quick fix to recruitment, help the youth and services based on LBS recommend suitable blue-collar jobs around. In addition to the function level, search radar also joined the blue-collar community function in the new circle of dada.

door-to-door domestic O2O stewards “bear” angel financing for 6 million yuan. bear butler is a housekeeping and distribution service O2O platform, launched by hangzhou bear GuanJia electronic commerce co., LTD., is currently in the door laundry as the breakthrough point, to create the user mobile phone at any time order, appointments, free from the door off, domestic service, such as one-stop private steward type experience.

wireless smart router “Eero” won $5 million in seed funding. the investors including AME Cloud Ventures, an Initialized Capital, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Homebrew, Menlo Ventures and First Round.

mother-to-child electric business platform “supu mother-to-child mall for 50 million yuan A round of funding. this round of funding joint dominated by han and large capital investment, the company will with mobile terminal, and maternal and child supplies sale flash sales and cross-border overseas online shopping.

Zoom video conference service company won a $30 million C round of financing. this round of financing by qualcomm, Horizon Ventures, yahoo’s jerry Yang, such as investment, will be mainly used for marketing and sales.

enterprise data storage company Qumulo won $40 million B round of funding. this round of financing by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers, led, Highland Capital, Madrona Venture Group and so Partners for refs.

new medical technology company Guardant Health won $50 million C round of financing. the investors for Lightspeed Venture Partners, Formation and 8 Khosla Ventures, investment cost will be used to promote Guardant360.

P2P platform “SoFi” student lending won $200 million D round of funding. this round of financing by the Third Point Ventures led, Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), Wellington Management, SharesPost, Investment Management, such as for refs.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, elong Q4 earnings

TwitterQ4 on revenue of $479 million, more than $243 million over the same period last year growth of 97%; A net loss of $125 million, more than the same period of last year’s $511 million net loss narrowed somewhat.

LinkedIn fourth-quarter revenue of $643 million, more than $447 million over the same period last year increased by 44%; Net profit attributable to common shareholders of $3 million, attributable to common shareholders over the same period last year net profit was $4 million, fell 18%.

YelpQ4 net revenue of $109.9 million, more than $70.7 million over the same period last year growth of 56%; Net income was $32.7 million, a net loss of $2.1 million over the same period last year.

elong in the fourth quarter net revenue of RMB 246.2 million ($39.7 million), than the same period of last year’s 261 million yuan ($43.1 million) fell 6%; The net loss of 260.7 million yuan, compared with the same period last year net loss of 44 million yuan.

14 hospitals cooperation on apple and beauty HealthKit pilot services

apple health platform HealthKit rapid expansion in the hospitals in the United States, preliminary shows its remote monitoring of patients and the ability to reduce the medical cost. In the investigation of 23 (Reuters) – large hospital, 14 said it had launched HealthKit based or are considering launching service. It can be used as patients’ health data warehouse, storage health data such as blood pressure, body weight or heart rate.

ant gold served more than a $500 million stake in India’s payment company One97

India online payment company One97 Communication announced that alibaba group affiliates ants financial services has agreed to buy 25% of its shares. Ant gold traded with One97 over $500 million; in the latter the valuation of more than $2 billion. One97 the money will be paid for its Paytm platform to the mobile terminal, absorb more users.

Google to buy children’s game application developers Launchpad Toys

Google bought a mobile application developer Launchpad Toys, so as to expand online games and services to children. Launchpad Toys development applications include augmented reality application using Toontastic TeleStory and tell stories. Toontastic telling stories is a tool that allows children to insert video or making cartoons.

millet response Ericsson charges: the defendant is fake I have nothing to do with

millet company Ericsson accused “millet mobile phone built-in mediatek chips” in India’s response, said millet official did not sales in India configuration of qualcomm phone chip. Only it and its authorized dealer in India Airtel. behavior doesn’t get millet millet products company’s authorization, has nothing to do with millet company.

Siemens was revealed plans to cut 7400 jobs

Germany’s Siemens, Europe’s largest industrial group plans to cut 7400 jobs in the global scope, including business to cut 3300 jobs in Germany. Joe Kaiser said last year, chief executive of Siemens Siemens urgently needed by restructuring the company structure, streamlining business 1 billion euros to cut spending. Restructuring plan could affect 11600 people, and ultimately layoffs need talks with representatives of trade unions.