Morning: samsung HTC huawei launch, online shopping platform Wish to finance

cloud network hunting on March 2 (text/who)

samsung S6/S6 edge: hyperboloid screen is bright spot

samsung GALAXY S6 equipped with 5.1 inch 2 k resolution super AMOLED screen, screen brightness the ascent to 600 nit, using their own Exynos 7 series processors, running is 3 gb of memory, pre – 5 million pixels + rear with OIS stabilization function of 16 million pixels. Join the fingerprint recognition, but in terms of technology support press type operation. Using Android 5.0.2 operating system, and carried a “lean” Touchwiz interface. In addition, S6 support wireless charging, the Qi standard.

samsung GALAXY S6 edge first adopted hyperboloid screen design, samsung also released a new version innovators Gear VR, support S6 and S6 edge two models. Samsung also officially released the Samsung Pay, and now have Visa and mastercard, can bind credit card, debit card or to use NFC, this summer will be opening in the United States and South Korea took the lead.

new flagship handset released HTC M9, sports bracelets and VR products

HTC to release the latest flagship model HTC One M9, intelligent hand ring HTC grip and head type virtual reality glasses HTC VIVE. HTC M9 design and M8 was nearly unchanged. Using 5 inches 1080 p display, qualcomm Snapdragon 810 eight core processor.

HTC Grip is HTC cooperation with hypoallergenic company product, in addition to the normal movement monitoring of intelligent bracelet, also built in GPS module, and step gauge control, detection sleep, play music, check the time, and other functions.

HTC Vive with steam cooperative development of virtual reality wore a device with 1200 x1080 resolution display, with 90 hz refresh rate and 360 – degree panoramic view.

huawei released glory X2 and three smart wear equipment

huawei MediaPad X2, built-in independent research and development of the new 64 eight processors haisi Kirin 930, pre-loaded with Android Lollipop system. 7 inches full hd screen, screen accounted for more than 80%. It is understood that huawei honor X2 positioning in the mid-market, priced at $650 (RMB 4070), China’s price has not announced.

Huawei Watch is a classic round table, surface of sapphire, the screen is 286 ppi, screen size 1.4 inches. Huawei Watch with a 4 g memory, 512 ram, 6 axis acceleration sensor and qualcomm 1.2 Ghz processor. Huawei will Watch via bluetooth paired up with all Android phones (in theory).

TalkBand B2, can not only when the headphones but also when the bracelet, but is more delicate than B1 than appearance. Officials say B2 can adhere to the five days of life or 12 days on standby, continuous talk time for 7 hours. Just like a watch, B1 with gold and silver grey color. Price between 169-199 euro, goes on sale at the end of April.

sports headphones N1 besides sports headphones conventional data and heart rate test, also with 4 g storage can sing. N1 life can stick to 3 days or 5 hour on the phone, color with gold, three silver color. The date of the sale price and the uncertain.

haier smart watches: the elderly, children and pets can wear

on MWC 2015, haier launched a new range of home networking smart watches. This series of equipment is an old man and child “vulnerable groups” products, designed to help them to better life, more convenient to contact with his family. Not only that, the series and is designed for pet collar version.

Letv phone passed 3 c certification, models for the Letv X600

depending on the phone through the 3 c certification, models for the Letv X600, divided into LTE and td-scdma LTE two products, the applicant is a music depending on mobile intelligent information technology (Beijing) co., LTD. Letv or at least two different positioning of the product will be released at the same time, mid-range and high-end market, price is in 1000-1000 yuan between, Letv phones will happy content and super TV through networks.

Apple Watch will have a special power saving mode, the blood pressure sensor was abandoned

the latest news from the Apple employee, said Apple Watch has a special Power saving mode “Power Reserve” to extend the using time. Low-power mode, Apple Watch will only display the time, can work under low power. To Watch Apple had originally planned to add pressure and blood pressure sensor, with the sensor of running-in, was eventually give up.

hammer for domestic manufacturers such as the iF design award

the 62th iF international design award winners announced, hammer mobile, huawei Mate 7 smartphones, zte Gentry smartphones, ali YunOS concept such as domestic product won the prize. Hammer technology product of Smartisan T1 smartphones gain iF the international award, the gold medal, this is since the iF design award has been established, intelligent mobile phone products in mainland China for the first time.

online shopping platform Wish brewing new financing

network shopping start-up is a new round of fundraising activities, after completion of this round of funding valuation could reach $2 billion to $3 billion. The Wish, so far has raised about $80 million, investors have GGV Capital, Legend Capital and the founders’ s Fund as well as a large group of people, including Mr Yang technology investors.

the 58 city has acquired to guest

58 city has acquired to the guest, only to be released next Monday. Housing was established in January 2007, is a real estate rental service platform, founded by Liang Weiping. The Liang Weiping, chairman bo shao will after the acquisition. May be a difficult transition, IPO, let guest leadership lost confidence.