Morning: pigeon push video motion and day shopping, yahoo r&d ear recognition technology

hunting cloud network on April 27 (text/who)

the day pigeon together interactive test video motion shopping

suitable abundant speed luck has made strategic cooperative interactions with day pigeons, to realize the complementary resources in the field of electrical business, online multi-channel operation, promoting the strategy of diversifying layout. It is understood that after the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, suitable abundant speed luck day will use pigeon interactive traffic advantage, on the PC and mobile end to its electric business platform import in accordance with the positioning of the target customer flow.

yahoo r&d ear recognition technology

yahoo! ‘s research LABS released a technology called “Bodyprint”. The technology will be different parts of the body as a biometric markers, such as by identifying the shape of the ear to determine whether owner, to determine whether through. Users only need to put the mobile phone touch screen on the ear, mobile phone can be identified.

with the traditional fingerprint identification, compared to input PIN or sliding gesture, this way is more convenient, smartphones can also so witty.

way cattle reconciliation with 17 travel

way cattle on April 26, announced that its tourism, CITS main agency, CTS CNS with the letter and so on more than 10 travel agencies to restore cooperation. Way cattle officials say the cause of the restore cooperation is based on full communication, to reach a consensus.

Google Facebook launched for Nepal earthquake people search service

Google’s People Finder (persons) to help People find their own family, loved ones and friends. People can post looking for targets of putting information or share any other information. Facebook’s Nepal Earthquake Safety Check (Nepal Earthquake Safety inspection) also provides similar functionality. In addition to the PC client and mobile client, People Finder provides SMS query function. People can through this platform to find their loved ones, or in the top to add some information of others, seek to help others.

Chinese enterprises to actively participate in earthquake relief in Nepal.

earthquake avalanche Google were killed a senior

Google company is responsible for an executive at Google X project of Dan ding Frey berg (Dan Fredinburg). Strong earthquake triggered the Everest avalanche, in an avalanche of Fred’s head suffered serious injuries, died. The avalanche caused, including Fred butyl berg, 18 people were killed.

this happened in Nepal’s devastating earthquake has led to more than 2000 people were killed, a moment of silence…

nokia denied will soon return to mobile phone manufacturing

nokia said in a statement on its official website: “nokia noticed that recently there are media reports said nokia had stated using branch of China research and development production. These reports are not true.” “Nokia reiterated that we have no current production and sales of mobile phone plan.”

nokia had expressed the hope that through the way of brand licensing to return to the smartphone market, anyway, it is to come back.

the Charter consider acquiring time warner cable company

comcast intends to more than $450 in the time warner cable company merger officially declared a miscarriage, the results seemed to bring to Charter a silver lining. Charter communications companies have begun to research approach, seeking to buy will be on time warner cable company. Buy a time warner cable modes have been considered, but many times offer are rejected by time warner cable.

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