Morning: Nubian through the phone without borders, millet Note top-of-the-line version drop 300 yuan

May 7 (text/who)

Nubian through the phone without borders, a border interaction

Nubian using aRC (aRC Refractive Conduction) screen technology, will be inevitable in the liquid crystal display panels of visual hidden sealing side, for the edge of the LCD has brought endless visual effect. To achieve the best without borders visual, Nubia Z9 using 2.5 D high hardness glass. In addition, through the structure design, the underlying drivers, gestures operating algorithm, materials Technology and other multi-sectoral cooperation, brought FiT for users (Frame interactive Technology) border interaction Technology.

Nubia Z9 classic version (3 gb + 32 gb) is 3499 yuan, the elite version (4 gb + 64 gb) is 3999 yuan, honour enjoy version (4 gb + 64 gb + Tio fingerprint unlock) 4499 yuan, from now on to make an appointment.

360 mobile phone name “cool”

360 and cool is a joint venture of new mobile phone brand named as “cool”, the brand concept of “curiosity” to change the world. In addition, Zhou Hongyi also announced that new phone company will introduce equity the raise pattern, the user can cool company become shareholders of a company.

top-of-the-line version of millet Note down 300 yuan

millet note top-of-the-line version adopts the current strongest processor, the memory, the best display screen mobile phone, is referred to as the “android” the emperor millet. More malicious, millet sale on May 12, the millet note of top-of-the-line version will be published from 3299 yuan to 2999 yuan, in the high-end flagship mobile phone again, play the price killer.

ray booth: price, plus the conference in advance to the ten o ‘clock in the morning, a few this mean?

a taxi software Uber chengdu branch surveyed

the relevant person in charge of SEC confirmed of chengdu, chengdu SEC, public security, industry and commerce departments Uber chengdu branch for the work. More chengdu Uber car driver, said the Uber software still can use. Provided by a penalized Uber driver penalty. Written according to the penalty of the reason is that “alleged illegal operation”.

it never rains but it pours, after being examined in guangzhou, chengdu has been checked, Uber also stopped operating in Kansas.

Apple for the Apple Watch patent of appearance design

the U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) has approved the Apple for the Apple smart Watch Watch appearance and sensory design patent application. Now, the design of the Watch Apple officially protected by the U.S. patent and trademark office, any competitors are not allowed to fake.

strap to stimulate the skin can be explained that wear is wrong, what a suck my wrist to keep desolate…

youku tudou announced the appointment of former lenovo executives making for new CFO

youku tudou group announced the appointment of making for senior vice President and chief financial officer. Before joining youku potatoes, making served as vice President of lenovo group, China and emerging markets in Asia Pacific CFO, responsible for countries such as China and Asia Pacific business and domestic joint venture and wholly owned company.

this is rolled up his sleeves open source throttling rhythm?

App Annie acquisition Mobidia

App Annie Mobidia announced acquisition application market data company, the deal will help App Annie accelerate the global expansion of the Usage, Intelligence, and the latter’s official version. Merger will lead to two big database integration, so as to make the App Annie can master cover more areas of the data.

tesla, company, activision blizzard rich report

tesla motors in the first quarter net loss of $154 million, compared with the same period last year has widened. But this quarter car sales hit a record high of 10045 quarter.. In the first quarter on revenue of $939.9 million, compared with the same period last year growth of 51%; Adjusted revenue of $1.1 billion, beat analysts’ average forecast of $1.04 billion.

company in the first quarter on revenue of $167 million, higher than market expectations of $163.4 million; Net loss of $46.5 million, a net loss of $61.2 million from a year ago has narrowed; Not in accordance with us gaap, company diluted loss of $0.01 a share, better than market expectations of diluted loss of $0.02 a share.

the video game makers Activision Blizzard, Activision Blizzard) in the first quarter on revenue of $1.28 billion, more than $1.11 billion over the same period last year growth of 15.3%; Net profit of $394 million, more than $293 million over the same period last year growth of 34%.

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