Morning: millet TV 40 inches, 1999 yuan, baidu’s future shop online

cloud network hunting on March 25 (text/who)

millet TV 40 inches 1999 yuan

40 inch version of millet millet company released 2 TV, priced at 1999 yuan, quad-core CPU, full 1080 p hd, ultra-thin design, has opened in millet’s official website booking, March 31, first open purchase. USES sharp Japan 堺 factory ten line X’s super LCD screen, Taiwan red backlight module of radio, film and television, the images provided by the morning star semiconductor chips.

co-sponsored by the film and television technology reached a strategic cooperation with millet, total duration of up to 100000 hours to open show copyright library, indeed as expected millet good effectiveness of $1 billion in content.

baidu online intelligent hardware electric business platform

this on-line intelligent hardware electric business platform baidu baidu future stores, the first AfterShokz bone conduction, bluetooth headset, Atsmart micro socket, butyl at intelligent magnetic door nearly a smartphone hardware products. Baidu by future store platform, to provide intelligent hardware partners from branding, marketing to testing, trial, and sales solutions.

smart hardware business friends to come and watch, at least promotion fee can save a lot.

OPPO leaked patent documents to do without borders phone

recently OPPO exposes a blank border mobile patents, and sharp Aquos Crystal screen edge bending into the design of frame in the fuselage, OPPO without borders display technology using the refraction principle of the display area of diffuse light reflection to the transparent panel. It will be to expand visual window and narrow black screen frame, the purpose of this design without borders.

also drunk, no matter in what way, at least good than a box.

sets out puzzles application Layout

sets a photo sharing application launched a new puzzle application Layout. This application allows the user to select a few photos from your own photo album together, and can adjust size and layout. The selected photos of themselves after the puzzle, the user can save the whole puzzle to their mobile phone photo albums, and share to Facebook and sets quickly.

hunting cloud network general puzzle with the picture show.

what do you want to be Facebook media content platform

with including the New York times, Facebook is BuzzFeed and national geographic, at least six media companies to negotiate, hope these media companies to publish their content directly to the Facebook platform. In order to let the content to load faster to the user’s equipment, especially mobile devices, without user load in external website click on the link and wait for content.

so, do you want to add V?

the HP tablet too power-hungry deprecated Intel processors

HP may in Slate computer product line, give up the Intel ATOM processor (ATOM). The reason is simple, the atom power consumption is too high, flat life is poor. According to the analysis, the future, HP is likely to be more with the movement of the ARM architecture processor, in tablets at the same time, increase carry the proportion of the android operating system.

Intel said has already been crying dizzy in the toilet, not electricity, male and female servants do wow.

la cara launched P2P financial platform

la cara will be in April will be launched P2P financial platform, the main small personal loan, the purpose is to complement the Internet financial entrance. In the future la cara will launch their own wealth management products, annualised rate of around 7% to 8%. Carla P2P platform will adopt a pure online mode, introduced the koala credit reporting. The future hope to introduce hundreds of shareholders, become a public platform for the inquiry.

lenovo’s, it should be.

new President of lenovo’s appointed GianfrancoLanci

before the position by the chairman of the lenovo group President and CEO Yang yuanqing, who. Lenovo group the appointed GianfrancoLanci Italian President, at the same time also will stay on as chief operating officer. Lanci2012 in April to join the lenovo group, has more than 30 years of working experience in PC business.

Morgan Stanley CFO job-hopping Google

Morgan Stanley’s chief financial officer (CFO) and executive vice President Ruth? Borat, announced that it would leave the company, to the development of silicon valley, as Google CFO of the company. James Morgan Stanley chairman and chief executive officer (CEO)? Gorman appointed 46, investment banker, Jonathan? General LuZan take borat, as the company’s new CFO.

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