Morning: Microsoft announced Win10 will be the last Windows

May 9 (text/who)

Microsoft announced Win10 will be the last Windows

, is abandoning old selling “CD suite”, will all Microsoft software to network services. Recently Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago in the United States, an executive at Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the last Windows.

W10 will be the last, but only small ice first, all sorts of small ice started to flood. Microsoft Internet engineering, said in a statement by the miit named “chatting small ice” no relationship with Microsoft, is a domestic manufacturer completely fake fake.

samsung push S6 ancillary equipment worn Gear VR: price 1400 yuan

samsung electronics launched and GALAXY S6 and S6 EDGE matching wearing equipment – samsung Gear VR virtual reality. Gear VR in the GALAXY S6 and S6 EDGE, with 577 ppi Quad HD Super AMOLED Display, showing a high definition of virtual reality. In addition, the Gear VR also provide 360 – degree panoramic images and 96 degree wide field of vision. Gear VR can also use the Oculus Cinema, Oculus360 photos and images such as VR Oculus360 degrees special content. Use a new Gear VR special game directory, can enjoy special free and paid more than 30 kinds of VR games. Ex-factory price of 249000 won (about 1400 yuan).

one plus pushed in 28 hydrogen OS

a plus (OnePlus) officially announced in its official weibo hydrogen OS will be officially released on May 28. One plus Liu Zuohu, founder of the mobile phone also on weibo said: “the iOS ‘ ‘ ‘, be careful!” . Liu Zuohu, said a hydrogenation OS based on android L depth customization, Design language unification on the basis of Material Design, hydrogen OS will through color, graphics, and a number of interesting animation to convey “art life” this Design concept.

use smartphone parasites in the blood of the automatic inspection

the engineer at the university of California, Berkeley, led the research team has developed a microscope technology based on smart phones. Use a mobile phone camera, this technique can automatically detect patients with a drop of blood, whether patients infected with the parasite, and carries on the quantitative analysis of the number of parasites. This technique is based on the CellScope second generation technology, which is invented by scientists at the university of California, Berkeley.

the phone to detect AIDS after another health purposes.

jingdong into way cattle the first big shareholder

way cattle travel network, jingdong group jointly announced that the road of jingdong investors such as signed an agreement with the bulls, cattle will receive $500 million of investment. Jingdong became the first big shareholder way cattle, to direct access to online travel the first echelon of the seats. After completion of this transaction, jingdong 27.5% of the way the cow stake, and obtain a seat cattle seat on the board.

network proposed investment yunnan for room 365

Everyday Network Co., ltd. to invest in yunnan for room Network technology Co., Ltd., carry out real estate O2O business in yunnan. Announcement, the current intention scheme is: under the condition of meet the related condition, the net with their own capital of 38.25 million yuan, 38.25 million in installment, acquired through acquisitions and capital increase of 51% of the target company.

xun yu network such as the gem IPO approved

on a batch of approved IPO has not been issued all over, the securities and futures commission released 20 companies IPO approval again last night. Among them, the Shanghai stock exchange and 11, the Shenzhen stock exchange small and medium-sized plate has three, including 6 the gem companies, respectively, Global Infotech Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huaming Intelligent Terminal Equipment Co., Ltd., Sichuan Xun You Network Technology Co., Ltd., Saimo Electric Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Forms Syntron Information Co., Ltd., Sichuan Maker Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

jingdong, easily Shared, acer get rich report

jingdong implementation in the first quarter net revenue of 36.6 billion yuan ($5.9 billion), up 62% from a year earlier. Net loss of 710.2 million yuan ($710.2 million), in accordance with the general accounting standards (Non – GAAP) net loss of 205.6 million yuan ($33.2 million).

are Shared in the first quarter revenue of RMB 701.3 million ($113.1 million), up 98.4% from a year earlier. Based on international financial reporting standards (IFRS), in the first quarter loss of 4.8 million yuan ($800000), and profits from a year earlier to 36.9 million yuan ($6 million). Based on the general accounting standards (Non – GAAP), in the first quarter profit of 18 million yuan ($2.9 million), fell 60.3%.

acer in the first quarter net profit of nt $173 million ($5.7 million), and the same period last year net profit was only about nt $1 million. Acer revenue in the first quarter, however, are from the same period of last year’s nt $76.72 billion to nt $76.72 billion.

chinahr employees more collective protest layoffs

chinahr this morning released a letter inside said, chinahr sold 58 city, and Irish culpt chinahr original parent group would pull out of its business in China and to terminate the employee contract. Netizen has called weibo, chinahr employees for redundancy of discontent, there are many people in the company to undertake the collective protest.

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