Morning: Ma Yunkai women entrepreneurs, spirit’s blue sales of 5 million units

May 14 (text/who)

Ma Yunkai women entrepreneurs convention

the global conference women entrepreneurs to “SHE – ERA (her age)” as the theme, focus on IT to DT women under the age of entrepreneurship. The guests will share the wonderful and change their respective fields, to explore the opportunities brought about by the network to the business world and women entrepreneurship and development space, and the women in the future the change of social and commercial civilization.

horse governor, zhang ziyi went, are you sure this is not a beauty pageant. You so envy jealous of hate is fetch drops, don’t say, wet saliva keyboard…

spirit’s blue sales break 5 million

at the end of last year, meizu has launched a new charm blue series. Have functioned incarnate within 180 days of blue series sales volume has reached 5 million units, including the online sales of about 30%, and 70% in the offline channel sales. And created the jingdong sales record in history, a single mobile phone category of more than 1 million units, will be about 1.2 million units.

seems haven’t to half a year’s time, spirit’s blue alone, 5 million seems a year sales of 20 million or underestimate the ability of meizu wow.

Mr Wang and his son and ma jointly Letv sports

Letv sports announced formally 800 million yuan of the first round of financing, valued at 2.8 billion yuan. More intriguing is the “starlight” list of investors, including Mr Wang wanda investment, Mr Ma’s yunfeng capital as well as the son of Mr Wang sicong pulse investment are impressively in the column.

the old, so many bosses endorsed, or even, in the “now” ye this level, such as Letv sports capital essence is boundless.

vanke wanda “and” hand in hand, they want to get together “light”

wanda group and vanke group, will today in strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing, the two sides will further joint development in the field of real estate related. , appears to be little overlap between both sides actually in light asset transformation, commercial real estate development, community service operation, “Internet +” development and other aspects have common needs.

wow wildest dreams. Taken together, wanda determination to bao’s richest man hat is quite big.

ali cloud cooperate with network of treasure ships

ali treasure ships running on a cloud platform based on web 2.0 system, the system data covering more than 300000 ships around the world, the public can through the system query any real-time position and historical track of the ship. The system consists of the ministry of transport units research and development, operating information of transportation and communication centers in China. Treasure ships network announced to join ali cloud “cloud close plan”, open data interface to the whole society.

Google news and weather application support Apple Watch

Google has already begun for Apple Watch update its application, the company is the first to receive the treatment of the news and weather. Gmail Inbox (or), search, schedule, Hangouts, and Google + application is expected to update in the near future. But from the point of the current situation, Google news and weather application seems unable to perfectly compatible with Apple Watch, release notes doesn’t promise much, saying only that the application can be compatible with Apple Watch.

the measured: weather function almost negligible, can only display news, easy to browse the headlines of the day.

Microsoft iris project bring better virtual reality helmet

Microsoft announced VR market with iris project. According to Microsoft, Oculus Rift, SONY Morpheus virtual reality head-mounted displays the fundamental challenge is to provide high quality at the same time, high responsiveness and portability of the product, so far, they have failed to do this.

QQ to publicly support gay social

the iOS version of the mobile phone QQ5.5.1 version, the mobile phone QQ adapter for Apple Watch, in addition to send and receive messages, qr code to add buddy, payments, and other functions, the most notable is its for Apple Watch a function called “social” color – the user can set 13 kinds of color mood on the dial, QQ will be according to the LBS location, automatic matching up the same color of strange near users, and choose whether to start chatting. One of them is the color of the rainbow flag, peculiar to the rainbow flag has always been a gay parade.

QQ also became younger. After all, cook is gay, is also a kind of flattery.

tencent, netease, everyone get rich report

tencent this quarter revenue of 22.399 billion yuan ($3.647 billion), 22% more than last year. In accordance with the general accounting, net income of 7.053 billion yuan, up 36% from a year earlier.

netease in the first quarter of 2015 total revenue of 3.885 billion yuan ($627 million), up 54.2% than the same period of last year’s 2.519 billion yuan; In the first quarter of 2015 net income of 1.264 billion yuan ($204 million), 12.5% than the same period of last year’s 1.124 billion yuan.

every company in the first quarter of the total net revenue of $13.7 million, compared with the same period last year fell 41.1%. Belongs to all the company’s net loss of $27.6 million, compared with the same period last year belongs to everyone of the company’s net profit of $32.3 million.

the phoenix new media in the first quarter of the total revenue of RMB 365.1 million ($58.9 million), more than RMB 357.1 million in the same period last year growth of 2.2%. The net loss of 11.2 million yuan ($1.8 million), compared with the same period last year net profit of RMB 62.2 million.

ctrip net revenue in the first quarter of 2.3 billion yuan ($373 million), up 46% from a year earlier. Attributable to shareholders of a company’s net loss of 126 million yuan ($20 million), compared with the same period last year net profit attributable to shareholders of 115 million yuan ($19 million).

Vipshop in the first quarter of the total net revenue of 8.6 billion yuan ($1.4 billion), more than RMB 4.3 billion in the same period last year growth of 100.0%. Attributable to shareholders of a company’s net income of 367.5 million yuan ($59.3 million), more than RMB 163.2 million in the same period last year growth of 125.3%.

cisco fiscal third quarter was $12.14 billion, more than $11.55 billion over the same period last year growth of 5.1%; Net profit of $2.44 billion, more than $2.18 billion over the same period last year growth of 12%.

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