Morning: ma donated 100 million yuan Alma mater, lei jun huang xiaoming for new movie “the godfather”

on April 4, hunting cloud network (text/who)

ma to the Alma mater, donated 100 million yuan

jack ma to his undergraduate Alma mater “hangzhou normal university”, donated 100 million yuan to set up the “ma of hangzhou normal university education fund”, hope to promote the development of China’s basic education and rural education. Donations will be made by special management, hangzhou normal university education foundation funded education research and education innovation, to explore China’s normal education and basic education development direction, and sets up the model of normal education.

ali signed a strategic agreement of beauty

alibaba and midea group signed a strategic agreement in 2015. According to the agreement, midea group turnover in ali platform will be completed 11 billion yuan, with ali and intelligent cloud platform, O2O channel construction, such as data docking system for cooperation and jointly create Internet + depth model manufacturing.

lei jun and huang xiaoming will fit the new drama “the godfather”

in the filming, huang xiaoming will play and show the position of the teacher, speak to lei jun play. Earlier, co-sponsored by the film and television and millet technology strategic cooperation conference to be held in Hong Kong. Co-sponsored by the film and television to provide content for millet, millet is co-sponsored by the film and television provide communication channels, in the future, the two will also jointly run video ads, achieve a win-win situation.

in the first quarter of the tesla car shipments record

tesla motors, according to the company’s car shipments in the first quarter of this year jumped to an all-time high of 10030 vehicles, compared with the same period last year increased by 55%. Tesla motors will also be within three months of its Models S Models from manual to upgrade, such as compared with other auto makers about a year earlier.

Japan next year or launch self-driving cars

nissan motor company President carlos ghosn said self-driving cars will be introduced in 2016 to the Japanese market, limited to the highway, can be in the process of driving test on the way out of the white line and the front vehicle, and the steering wheel operation and automatic deceleration. Also plans to roll out in 2018 on the high-speed technology of automatic changing lanes, hope can also use ordinary street in 2020.

Uber successful poaching Facebook chief security officer

Uber in his official blog announced he has successfully hired a Facebook chief security officer in five years’ Joe Sullivan, who will become the chief security officer of the Uber set up for the first time, and report directly to CEO carlos tevez – karan Nick.

agreement finally privatised shanda games

shanda announced that has and cade group and its wholly owned subsidiary Capitalcorp Limited ultimately the privatisation of agreement. Under the agreement, cade group will be common stock at $3.55 per share in cash for shanda, the equivalent of American depositary shares at $7.10 a share, for the company valuation of about $1.9 billion.

LinkedIn acquisition application “human flesh search” Refresh

social networking site LinkedIn bought a workplace with similar Refresh “human flesh search” function of the application, but did not publish the purchase price. LinkedIn, which owns a similar application, called Connections, the future is likely to integrate and Refresh the product or technology. Refresh now has 15 employees, starting next week, including 12 star to join LinkedIn.

SONY acquired cloud OnLive more than hundred patent

SONY computer entertainment announced that it will buy OnLive cloud computing game company a number of assets, including the game about cloud computing service of 140 American and international patents. At the same time, OnLive to stop operating on April 30. OnLive currently has 80 employees, it is not clear, whether these employees still can continue to work to the end of this month.

oracle scoops up

Oracle will cost a quarter of the market value for the price of $46 billion buyout firms Salesforce cloud service leader. Oracle represents the traditional IT and software leadership, Salesforce represents a “mobile + cloud” era of enterprise software new architecture and business models in the field of subversives.

letter Chinese consortium $3.3 billion acquisition of philips lighting

the jinsha river GO Scale Capital to take the lead, the resources and the support of Chinese and foreign consortium acquisition fund, announced the successful acquisition of a 80.1% stake in royal Dutch philips Lumileds under our company, the deal, worth about $3.3 billion, is expected in the third quarter of 2015 to complete after regulatory approval and other trading terms.

hon hai or investment more than 100 billion yen sharp

hon hai is that intends to invest at least 100 billion yen shares held by the sharp will be more than 10%. Hon hai may plan to take part in the management of the sharp. Hon hai is considering a variety of forms of cooperation, including investment and technology transfer. Hon hai said in the email, the company is still in the sharp investment opportunities.

content developers SNK semper food plan to purchase the equity

has been renamed le tour semper food science and technology is planning to buy a Japanese video game hardware and software developers, the developers most likely SNK established the manufacturer. Le tour to science and technology and Ledo Millennium Co., Ltd. Conclude terms of books, is interested in buying the other 100% stake, while Ledo Millennium Co., Ltd. Also conclude with the Japanese video game developers terms, to acquire a controlling stake in the video game company, prompting le tour indirect acquisition on a controlling stake in the Japanese game company.

the huawei is interested in buying blackberry

a few days ago the media reported the bombshell, huawei is interested in buying blackberry on the news, shares the blackberry also ushered in the rose slightly in the local time Wednesday. If the deal can be finalised, this blackberry will be with the aid of huawei’s tentacles to tap into a market with enormous potential of the Chinese market, while huawei can use the blackberry in the mobile security aspect attainments and further gain trust of government agencies. Lenovo group or will be, on the other hand, because the deal in the retail channel and government procurement market both at the same time.

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