Morning, lei jun end into the Internet finance, $56 million stake in Zulily ali

May 11 (text/who)

lei jun end into the Internet financial

millet finance will issue the first monetary fund products. Before this, ali, tencent, baidu Internet companies such as the Internet financial no absence. Learned, millet financial built-in is provided by the e everyday financial money market funds “current”, 7th annual income is 4.482 yuan, accrual is 1.9778 yuan.

baidu online Mall planning

baidu Mall or online, learn from close to the relevant personage of the baidu, the platform will be based on the search and map positioning service, provide online drainage for brands. Baidu Mal facing the opportunity is very big, but the test is O2O business technology drive alone is not enough, baidu can’t pure technical thinking do project, need to be familiar with retail business talents.

alibaba’s $56 million investment in the United States electricity Zulily

alibaba has acquired 9% of the electricity company Zulily co. The move will help alibaba to open up the American market. Alibaba spent about $56 million for Zulily’s stake. Zulily sales of clothing and other goods to flash sales mode, and consumer groups are mainly women with children.

skyworth acquired Germany’s bankruptcy TV manufacturers Metz

Chinese TV maker skyworth company, plans to buy a German insolvency Metz TV business, consumer electronics company to enter the European market. The company used in the production of camera flash, and television production, its belong to high-end TV brand in Europe. Skyworth does not release the purchase price, is expected to more than $8 million, will be finished before June 1.

tesco sell mobile division main electricity

the UK retail giant tesco group is considering selling its mobile division, to focus on core business. Tesco’s mobile division of Britain’s biggest brand mobile service provider, to sell the business could bring hundreds of millions of pounds of income for the company. Tesco has recently been to sell the possibility of the business and investment consultation.

gay social app Grindr for sale

gay social app Grindr is looking for buyers. People familiar with the matter, for the possible sale, headquartered in Los Angeles Grindr has hired Ryan group as an adviser. Sale negotiation is still in its early stages, no agreement has yet been reached and also don’t know Grindr valuation in the transactions. Using the location information, Grindr can help gay online communication.

baidu three director is under internal investigation

baidu has three director are under investigation, the cause of or involved in corruption. Director of the three, respectively is director of enterprise market Jin Zhi, baidu baidu company channel director yu CDH, and regional director of baidu company channel zhi-yong zhao, has three people are under investigation, for sure, but not sure why.

microcomputer built-in 4 gb flash memory is only $9

Next Thing’s open source C.H.I.P. even Raspberry Pi 2 smaller than $35, which costs a mere $9. With necessary components (keyboard, mouse, display) is linked together, C.H.I.P. became a personal computer. With a 1 GHZ Allwinner A13 processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 gb of internal flash memory.

phone screen material hard to bulletproof

us military scientists invented a transparent metal “clay”, it can be used as a very hard and the phone’s screen display. This material can be used to make scratch resistant camera and mobile phone screen, the screen can be resistance to fall off. This material is called “spinel”, is the synthesis of clay powder for heating, burn form a transparent state under vacuum condition.

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