Morning: Jia Yueting release to fan letter, ali in response to a cloud group litigation

On May 18,


Letv CEO Jia Yueting released to fan letter

Letv CEO Jia Yueting published titled “a letter to fans” long weibo. Jia Yueting said super fruit are not iOS mobile phone after launch ever don’t situation will change. He wrote in the letter, “super cell phone on the first day to make an appointment is as high as 2.63 million, ten days to make an appointment to exceed 10 million, gen flagship phone booking record.”

ali in response to a cloud group litigation

in view of the French open cloud group brands is alibaba’s AE (speed sell tong) and other international commodity trading platform in the lawsuit, alibaba group, said unilateral accused, there is no basis for open cloud group, hope that the two sides together effective advance for the protection of intellectual property rights.

open cloud group for fake goods suing alibaba

the French open cloud group more luxury brands in Manhattan federal court lawsuit against alibaba, said alibaba in knowledge help counterfeiters worldwide selling fake goods. Open cloud group’s luxury brands such as Gucci and yves saint Laurent.

national office shut down 128 illegal dating website net letter

“dating sites of serious misconduct breach of rectification work for three months, have check article disposal report effective clues of more than 100 Internet users, in accordance with the law, shut down 128 serious violations faithless dating sites (including site dating channels), and through the interview and ordered more than 20 website rectification or stop.

thunderbolt latest equity exposure: millet charting the

millet are now a thunderbolt largest shareholder, holding 93653572 shares, holdings ratio is 27.95%; Thunderbolt CEO Zou Shenglong through its Vantage Point Global holdings Limited 32814606 shares, a 9.79% stake; Millet company CEO lei jun by millet and jinshan still holds 39.14% of the total shares, lei jun is for the thunderbolt’s largest shareholder.

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