Morning: Jia Yueting bombard apple, fair negotiation nearly $200 million in financing

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Jia Yueting bombard apple

Letv Jia Yueting founder’s letter bombard apple closed stifled innovation, hinder the industry development, for a long time can damage the user’s interests. He said, only the pattern of The Times, there is no eternal pattern, apple has sealed does not conform to the trend of the development of The Times, is bound to be weak.

apple in China has been a cautionary tale, in addition to the good sales, which are beyond the…

fair negotiation nearly $200 million in financing

local life website market is with a number of investment institutions to discuss, looking for a new round of financing, the amount of nearly $200 million. Market has hired huaxing capital as a financial adviser, market with all parties to negotiate also has lasted for a period of time. 58 city that was once gave fair exchange mergers, proportion is 3:7, 4:6, and perhaps even 5:5.

not all companies can and drops quickly merge so casual, not everyone can launch in merger like potatoes.

every day car C in baidu led round

every day car announced to obtain C round of financing. Led by baidu, and sequoia capital. Car every day, said valuations are close to $two hundred million, in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, hangzhou, tianjin, chengdu and other cities have been opened. Recently, baidu has been in the field of carpool bets. On April 10, carpooling software 51 car announced that baidu led C round of investment.

a little hope, suddenly one day, 51 car merged with user everyday…

, financing, merger, sale or purchase…

streaming music giant company raised $400 million

streaming music service company has completed nearly $400 million round of financing, company valued at $8.4 billion in this round of financing. According to sources, Goldman sachs and ABU dhabi sovereign wealth funds to participate in the company of this round of funding, while services and global asset management companies and venture capital firms.

massage O2O now merger “panda” hand “point chou-heung”

the door massage O2O service project “panda” and “point chou-heung” declared complete the merger. The two companies in addition to the technical team unity, the rest two company team is still responsible for their respective areas. The data shows, “panda” and “point chou-heung” is a whole body massage, comfort the moxibustion services such as massage O2O service enterprise, its service scope covers both Beijing and xian.

symantec proposed $8 billion sale of data management business Veritas

symantec is considering selling Veritas business data storage and recovery. According to sources, symantec is connecting to private-equity firms in recent weeks and potential buyers in the industry. The business of selling prices are likely to be more than $8 billion. Sources said the tax issues will be a big obstacle to sell the business.

360 education for the new domain name

360 education group founder McCullough said to the world and the company has completed the acquisition of 360. domain name, for $955000. With the completion of the acquisition of 360 education group, the layout will be further expanded. It is reported, this intention through 360 education group through study abroad industry chain, to feed into a scale of hundreds of billions of dollars of fables in the international education market.

— the metabolism of yahoo…

yahoo senior vice President of departure

one of yahoo’s most senior executives mike Cohen have left. Recently, a series of personnel adjustment indicates that yahoo is experiencing a new high-level personnel. A number of sources, kearns consider leaving for a period of time. He told yahoo and other executives, especially media business Kathy savitt, head of the internal friction.

yahoo top big adjustments, Carla’s chosen

yahoo CEO marissa? Mayer team announced on the company’s products on a large scale adjustment. According to the new architecture, Simon? Husband will become yahoo senior vice President, responsible for the company’s most products for the consumer, including the yahoo home page, and the company’s related applications. Bursts of light blogging platform and its director David? Karp will report directly to Carla’s work.

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