Morning: huawei, meizu spoiler millet rice festival,’s listed

hunting cloud network on April 9 (text/who)

huawei, meizu spoiler millet rice festival

rice festival day on April 8, millet began to face the “spoiler” from competitors. Since last year, huawei to join the game, start their own glory mardi gras, directed at millet. In addition to huawei, meizu has teamed up with suning launched the “bee day”.

is a good day on April 8, renamed “tore B” will be more appropriate.

apple iOS 8.3 update

apple also released for the iPhone, the iOS 8.3 update and iPod Touch. This updated version has been tested for several months, has brought the iOS users more than 300 new emoticons, and input the symbols of the new keyboard. IOS 8.3 also includes a new set of Siri language, realizes a hands-free call, wireless Carplay function allows iPhone wireless connection automobile instrument system.

‘s final listing

‘s regiment successfully traded on the nasdaq global market, the stock code for “WOWO”, was priced at $10 per ADS, per ADS on behalf of 18 shares, raising $40 million. ‘s opening price with $11.06, a rise of 10% in the price, the market value of about $450 million. After that, the stock price shocks once below their ipo price.

it is said that because of the bad feng shui’s regiment’s name to the?

upgrade the tesla Model S raider can range 240 miles

tesla announced on Wednesday that will have on the current foundation upgrade version of the Model S electric vehicles, equipped with larger capacity battery, four-wheel drive, of course the price also increased. New version helps to stimulate the tesla Model S the basis of sales. The second half of this year, tesla will also launch a SUV Model X.

anyway, cloud network hunting or expect launched in 2017, range 2017 miles Model3 entry-level models, only $35000.

won’t release new phone positioning night take artifact

the beautiful company released “the beautiful M4” smartphones and “beauty makeup the camera app, at the same time, appearance and MEIOS2, the beautiful game box, most remote controller, the beautiful self-time, such as hardware and software as the fill light. The beautiful M4 standard version (32 g) sells for 2199 yuan, Hello Kitty special edition is priced at 2499 yuan. The beautiful M4 autodyne specifically targeted at night for the hardware and software optimization, ensure the front-facing camera in low light environment also can produce pure image.

conference Angelababy or cooperate with, all kinds of new left out entertainment news, take care not to send.

HTC started new flagship China

HTC specifically for the Chinese market has released new flagship phone HTCOneM9 + and HTC One E9 +. M9 + also introduces HTCAdvantage project, the user mobile phone either water or the broken screen can enjoy a free maintenance. Compared with the M9, M9 + screen increased from 5 inches to 5.2 inches, also from 1080 p to upgrade to the 2 k resolution.

this is HTC carefully studied the sincerity of the national psychology after made?

big xinjiang launch new product Phantom3

big jiang launched “genie” series Phantom3, a total of two Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 3 Advanced. The former has 4 k high-definition cameras, sells for $1259 (7499 yuan), the latter is 1080 p hd, sells for $999 (5999 yuan). Phantom3 battery life for 23 minutes.

taobao movie, the entertainment treasure will inject ali pictures

alibaba pictures group issued announcement, has received its holdings of alibaba group, the parent company of an asset injection, the two sides are just about a possible by alibaba group into several specific media and entertainment assets to ali trading pictures, carries on the preliminary discussion. Capital injection will contain the alibaba group’s online movie ticket business, as well as the movies and other media content financing platform.

although there are words that he who sees through had not, alibaba you this claim is not taobao film and entertainment treasure?

ali announced the formation of automobile group

alibaba group announced the consolidation, automotive related business, set up ali car division. The original bargain li-cheng wang, general manager of ali automobile division general manager. Ali car business will integrate ali group, auto financial business and big data marketing 60 million owners of platform advantages, collaborative car ecological industry chain partners, through the wireless business scenario, provide to the owner “look, choose and buy, use and sell” the full link auto electric O2O one-stop service.

so, ali bought Indian taxi software is also not impossible…

gome online on the first 3 d home outfit electric business platform

gome online joint east yi risheng, baihe issue the first domestic 3 d online home residential electric business platform – the beautiful home. From now on, there is an outfit needs of users as long as a home that “China” website, you can experience the 3 d virtual decoration, enjoy the whole purchasing home decoration integration services. Home that the business will cover the first ten cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, at the end of 2015 will be expanded to 50 cities.

netease CEO appointed kelly li netease portal

netease announced that appointed kelly li netease CEO media group (i.e., netease portal), reporting to the netease CEO ding group, netease vice President and chief editor, included, portal, general manager of Marketing Department report to kelly li ang lee’s work.

phoenix new media announced the CMO, jin ling resignation

the phoenix new media announced, jin ling has stepped down as chief marketing officer is put forward, the future will take more time for family. Promotion drive for senior vice President, effective immediately. As a senior vice President, drive will be in charge of the order of the phoenix new media advertising sales, marketing and brand promotion activities, and the development of the auto channel, and will report to CEO veryls phoenix new media.

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