Morning: gree phone to sell 50 million units, liujun farewell lenovo mobile

on June 2 (text/who)

gree dong mingzhu said mobile phones sold 50 million units no problem

the gree electric appliances shareholder meeting, announced dong mingzhu, gree, mobile phones have sales, foreign sells for 1600 yuan. However, dong mingzhu said, the gree mobile phone number is limited, in short supply. But when it comes to future sales, she is confident, “gree handset sales 50 million no problem.”

it is said that gree air-conditioning shipments for the whole year around 16 million units, aunt, what are you going to buy a air conditioner send three “gree” remote control, oh, no, gree is a mobile phone. Millet, R U OK?

major personnel changes: lenovo liujun outgoing, head of mobile business

Yang yuanqing said in internal e-mails, who will step down, head of mobile business, for a period of time as a special adviser to Mr Yang’s mobile business. But not before such a relevant fact, it will go to the United States is responsible for the relevant business. Mr Yang I will act as mobile business group leader and chairman of MOTOROLA’s management committee appointed to take effect from now on.

the CEO Chen will no longer be a magical plant, its will and lenovo group, senior vice President, lenovo cloud services business group President He Zhijiang chairman of joint chiefs of staff, with magic Chang Cheng workshop vice President, will become the CEO.

cisco three heavyweight executives will be leaving next month

cisco systems inc., announced that the company President Gary Moore and rob Lloyd plan departure on July 25. In addition, the technology website Re/code quoted sources reported that cisco chief technology and strategy officer, temasek, Leo will leave on July 25.

don’t tell me this is three people together leaving entrepreneurship.

the iPhone 6 s Plus screen or with 2 k

it is said that apple iPhone6s upgraded significantly, carrying A9 processors, memory upgrade to 2 gb, camera upgrade to 12 million pixels, with pressure induction Force Touch function, resolution will increase to 1080 p and k levels.

spoiled apple began to stack hardware, this is a good thing, or a good thing? Cloud network hunting worry prices will also push up again.

samsung Note 5 closed the new system, with a 5.9 -inch screen

samsung GALAXY Note 5 has been in private beta Android 5.1.1 system, mobile phone models including SM – N920f, N920t and N920p etc., but not the line version of the news. To be published in the middle of July, begin to booking as soon as the end of July. Websites appear to run at the same time points of suspected GALAXY S6 Mini (SM – G9198) model, the sources said was a flip phone, is expected to hit the market with more expensive price.

apple streaming media service will be free for three months

to build has not released a new streaming media service, apple is trying to make the record company to provide a three-month free music content services, after three months of the monthly fee is about $10 a month. Apple is now discuss with including Canada rapper drake’s most popular as iTunes guest on Radio service, hope with the help of a celebrity further promotion.

apple, music unified mission to you.

music v before the ban was allowed to ali, cool dog was found guilty of infringement

ali music companies apply to the court ban before litigation, said its costly exclusive from the Rolling Stones music copyright songs were stolen cool dog music broadcast, involved 260 case songs. Cool dog immediately banned court issued the ban, requirement, even cool dog refuses to accept the ban, only within ten days after receipt of the ban also apply for reconsideration once, but can’t stop the ban of reconsideration.

madan, there is no a platform can complete finish listen to their favorite songs, listen to love song to each platform rolled again, also drunk…

Intel announced a $16.7 billion takeover of Altera

Intel announced at $54 Altera, by calculation, the transaction price is about $16.7 billion. According to both sides of the transaction agreement, Altera’s shareholders will get $54 returns, this price is 11% premium on Altera’s closing price on Friday, at the same time this year on March 26, related rumours about the date of the earliest Altera shares 56% higher.

rumors finally sat, pay the $700 million.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Wunderlist application developers

Microsoft has agreed to buy Wunderlist application developer 6 wunderkinder GmbH, trading between $100 million to $200 million. The acquisition is part of Microsoft further strengthen its mobile applications product plan. Company now has launched a free version of the mobile Office suite, and successively acquired Acompli mail application developers in San Francisco, and the New York calendar application developers Sunrise Atelier. Acompli after the takeover, has now been renamed the Microsoft mobile Outlook.

Microsoft confirmed that Windows will be released on July 29, 10

official blog announced that Microsoft Windows 10 will be released on July 29 to 190 countries. But the mobile version of Windows is expected to be released by the end of 10. Microsoft has said that the Windows 10 will be released sometime this summer.

to see a 10 several Windows version: business PC, home PC version, version of the Internet of things and no screen and mobile devices.

Pinterest’s shopping services like amazon launched Stream

amazon appears to be developing similar Pinterest, based on “boards” new shopping experience. A new service called Stream in order to show the user in a way that is easy to browse for men and women all kinds of goods and household environment. Stream of goods are obtained the sponsors, will be updated every day, and the display of information only. The user can save items to a wish list, but these goods will amazon wish list is separated with the standards.

zhao couple again follow Mr Ma in east group

by Mr Ma’s yunfeng, and four investors, including Huang Youlong, on May 7 and east share subscription agreement, a $2 per share to buy red east 1.943 billion shares, assets of 3.585 billion yuan. Opened yesterday senior securities company east group, from highest sprint hk $9 to $25, or 177%, closing up 151.67%.

still can happy play, zhao wei you will earn money more and more, will abandon faye wong?

where to go, happy to make the game, a dream world rich report

where to go in the first quarter of the total revenue of RMB 671.1 million ($108.3 million), up 100% from a year earlier. Where belongs to shareholders net loss of 701.2 million yuan, the net loss of 183.6 million yuan over the same period last year.

a dream of heaven and earth in the first quarter of the total revenue of 371.9 million yuan ($60 million), up 113.6% year on year, rose 13.2%; Music to make the game in the first quarter net profit of 37.2 million yuan ($6 million), 33.2 million yuan of year-on-year growth of 12.2%, 27.8% higher than in the first quarter of 29.1 million yuan.

a dream of heaven and earth in the first quarter of the total revenue of RMB 371.9 million ($60 million), up 113.6% year on year, rose 13.2%; Net income of 37.2 million yuan ($6 million), 33.2 million yuan year-on-year growth of 12.2%, more than 29.1 million yuan rose by 27.8% last quarter.

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