Morning: gree marketing refused to millet, Google or class-action lawsuits from the UK

on March 30, hunting cloud network (text/who)

dong mingzhu, gree phones don’t need a millet type hunger marketing

the boao Asia BBS “night” activities, gree chairman dong mingzhu said in exploring spirit, don’t need a millet that hunger marketing, mobile phone industry has been the pursuit of speed in the past, the future need is a kind of innovation, the spirit, to make the quality of the mobile phone. As for gree, in collaboration with 360 dong mingzhu said the two sides are talking about.

wanda electrical contractor “fly every net” quietly online

by wanda with joint investment of 5 billion yuan, tencent and baidu wanda electric business platform “fly every net” quietly online, specific test run date is still uncertain, and the original plan was to March 31. Fly all electricity traders use technology, intelligent mobile terminal and to integrate wanda group offline resources, realize the online total integration business and services, create high-tech intelligent life O2O open electric business platform.

preach a stark challenge apple seeking cooperation increase podcasts

the global maximum flow media music services, one of the company is negotiating with the content of the potential partners, in order to increase in the company’s streaming music service podcast service, thereby further challenge apple dominance in the field. Company currently has provided some similar podcast audio service, now company is planning to add more than music.

Google may by collective action in the UK

Google charges in the UK before its cookie can bypass the Safari browser’s privacy Settings to collect user information. Britain, the appeal court 28 apple device users shall have the right to bring a suit against Google infringement of privacy, which means that Google may face the UK millions of used apple computer in the spring of 2011 in 2011, the summer solstice, the iPhone and the user of the collective action.

black market is one yuan a hawk Uber accounts

according to the science and technology website Motherboard, many effective Uber account information is publicly on the network on the black market to sell, the price of each account for only $1. As long as received a user name and password can access to the user’s travel records, including some personal details such as home address.

pass more than Intel billion-dollar purchase fab Altera

Intel is discussed acquiring giant Altera programmable logic chip, the price of the acquisition is likely to more than $10 billion, will become the history of Intel’s biggest takeover. Development of Altera programmable logic chip is widely used in telecommunications equipment, military equipment, and other industrial applications.

SONY lenses is heavier than Google glasses thicker sold $840

SONY SmartEyeglass intelligent glasses, for global consumers will be priced at $840. SmartEyeglass comes with a separate controller, through the cable connected to the glasses, once establish connection with smart phones, users can use gestures to control function, can even with voice input information directly.

Pebble end of the second generation of smart watch breaking two records the raise

Pebble Time smart watches all the activities in the eastern United States Time raise end Friday evening 10 o ‘clock. A month total refresh two Kickstarter records. The fastest to complete all the raised $1 million in financing project: 49 minutes. After a week becomes a raised to the highest projects: $13.3 million. At present, the Pebble won a $20336930 investment from 78463 people.

Germany festo companies bionic robot ant

Germany festo companies BionicANT ants bionic robot. Like real ants, it follow a simple set of rules, can operate independently, be able to complete the mass together at the same time, complex task, intended to show in the natural environment of cooperative behavior. Each bionic robot body length 13.5 cm, ant weighs 105 grams.

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