Morning: Google push wireless services Project Fi, ali literature will be established

hunting cloud network on April 23 (text/who)

Google introduced wireless service Project in the United States Fi

Google in the United States launched a new wireless services on the market, allowing the user to toggle between WiFi and cellular networks to control the data usage and costs. The service of the issue marked the first time Google into the wireless industry. Google said in a statement, only the Nexus 6 smartphone users to the Sprint and t-mobile network using the service. The service package costs $20 and 10 dollars per use 1 gb of data. For unused data, users can get a refund.

alibaba will establish “ali literature” with mobile reading

alibaba mobile business group will launch new business network literature “ali literature”. Ali literature is mainly responsible for the business lead to content production, cooperation and copyright industry chain of bidirectional derivative is given priority to. Judging from the current architecture, ali literature belongs to UC as a base to form alibaba mobile business group. Literature reported that ali will receive ali’s UC such as reading books, books, novels, taobao portal resources support.

Hello Facebook launched a free phone application

Facebook recently launched a new application called “Hello”, this is a only supports Android dialer application of the system, it not only can make phone calls more fashion, but also can make Facebook become the center of the communication. Hello the most flamboyant of the function is to allow users to make free calls through WiFi network.

version FB WeChat phone book is finally here…

— two rumours, about: acquisition, sale

the Facebook and Uber are considering to buy nokia Here

Facebook, Uber and carmaker BMW, audi and Daimler are considering to buy nokia location-based services subsidiary HERE. The three German car manufacturers have been sent HERE joint bid, the financial investment company Hellman & amp; Friedman also interested in HERE. HERE the book value of the $2.16 billion, mainly for car navigation systems and smart phones and other portable devices provide digital map software.

baidu, ali, apple also are interested in, HERE business auction held the first round of the bidding plan next weekend.

the Path to sell private social applications to KakaoTalk

private social network application its original social network Path planning Path Classic instant communication application KakaoTalk sold to South Korea, the two sides are talks on the matter. At present the potential takeover plan details is not clear, but if done, will greatly help KakaoTalk parent Daum Kakao place in southeast Asia, Indonesia.

India’s largest electricity it only do in the future mobile end

India’s biggest electricity company it announced that it plans to completely shut down its web site, within one year will be completely transferred to the mobile business applications. It’s a decision that smartphone market rapid development mainly due to India. Now, India is next only to China and the United States of the world’s third largest Internet market.

FB, eBay, qualcomm, SONY get rich report

in this quarter ended March 31, Facebook’s net profit of $512 million, for 18 cents earnings per share and the performance is less than the same period last year. Do not count towards some one-time items, Facebook adjusted earnings per share for 42 cents in the first quarter, 35 cents higher than the same period last year, more than analysts had expected. Facebook on revenue of $3.54 billion in the first quarter, up from $2.5 billion a year earlier, slightly lower than analysts had expected $3.56 billion.

eBay in the first quarter of the total revenue of $4.448 billion, more than $4.262 billion over the same period last year growth of 4%. Quarterly net profit of $626 million, earnings per share of 51 cents a share, compared with a net loss of $2.326 billion in the same period last year, the loss of $1.82 a share. Do not count towards some one-time items, eBay adjusted earnings per share of 77 cents in the first quarter, more than analysts had expected.

qualcomm fiscal second quarter was $6.9 billion, up 8% from a year earlier, fell by 3%; Net profit of $1.1 billion, fell 46% from a year, compared with the previous quarter fell by 47%. Results show that, while profit year-on-year fall sharply, however, qualcomm fiscal second quarter and is not measured in accordance with us gaap profits exceeded the industry analysts’ expectations. However, due to high in the third quarter performance than analysts’ expectations, and the company also cut its fiscal 2015 full-year revenue expectations.

SONY announced the preliminary results, in the year to March 31, 2015, SONY to realize a net loss of 126 billion yen (RMB 6.526 billion), a 170 billion yen before narrowing that had been anticipated. SONY said the net loss reduce mainly through restructuring, shed before the TV business, and prepare to divest audio and video business, to encourage subsidiary independent operations.

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