Morning: Google Microsoft for patent appeals, Mr Fu 1 generation of driving

on April 8, hunting cloud network (text/who)

Google Microsoft because patent standards will in court

Google and Microsoft will be in San Francisco on Wednesday the appeal court declare war against each other. This case will be decided directly when technology companies as the industry standard to make a contribution, they will be eligible for what kind of rights. This is also the court for the first time by trying to judge the patent made what kind of contribution, to gain “a reasonable royalty”.

Google or with hutchison whampoa push free international roaming service

Google is currently in negotiation with mobile operators of Three holdings, hutchison whampoa, the company hope to achieve with the latter makes us users in using mobile services do not have to pay international roaming overseas cooperation framework. Countries such as Britain, Ireland and Italy have major telecom operators ownership by hutchison whampoa. It, Google said last month that will layout the wireless network business.

Kobo push high-end e-books is much cheaper than the Kindle a third

Kobo announced “the lowest price, highest pixel e-books”, and this kind of e-books than the Kindle Voyage cheap $70. Has 300 ppi Kogo Glo HD resolution E – link touch screen, display effect is very close to the paper book. In addition, this ebook also has a built-in lights and 1 GHZ processor. This ebook only black to choose from.

drops to do generation of driving fast, fast, former vice President Mr Fu headed

drops quickly officially announced that the fast taxi, vice President, Mr Fu group, will become the new generation of driving division general manager, fully responsible for the generation of driving business soon, take a taxi to the fast co-founder Zhao Dong report. However, about the generation of driving business soon, drops quickly official did not disclose more information.

will be closed user can migrate to baidu baidu space cloud

announced that baidu baidu space will be from April 21, stop compiling update the blog, and will migrate to baidu cloud on May 7. In July 2006, according to baidu space launch, in “baidu world conference” is the company following the “post”, “know”, and other products, after the architecture of the search engine “guidelines” another important deployment.

dagong P2P platform building box “shielding”

dagong announced decision to block financial list box platform on the Internet. Previously, dagong has just announced a pleasant loans and PPmoney blacklisted. “Blacklist” is as dagong credit rating for the evaluation of the main body of the credit status of the most serious risk to reveal, said released by a review of the main body of the debtor and the debts of the risk of major suggests investors cautious intervention.

currency trading platform Buttercoin will close

due to the interest of investors and the U.S. currency trading platform Buttercoin on April 10, shut down its service. Buttercoin remains all the debt paying ability, allows the user to April 10 turn all their money to other services. On April 10, in the future all the COINS and the balance will be converted into dollars, to return to the customer account link bank account.

the COINS foundation on the verge of bankruptcy: 90% staff was laid

has just been elected the COINS foundation members of the board of directors oliver – Jason, “essentially” COINS foundation is bankrupt, and laid off most of his employees. He said, “after two years of foolish spending and bad decisions, the currency foundation is bankrupt, in fact, the foundation and even when I was in November last year has no money.”

American media giant viacom big layoffs

the television media giant viacom announced that will be a massive layoffs and business restructuring. Viacom executives have said before, to the introduction of new technology, with a new platform release film and television content. Viacom has not announced layoffs. The company said the job cuts and restructuring plans, have caused $785 million in the first quarter of this year’s special expenses.

chairman appointed North America and EMEA region

lenovo on its various business groups and regional business restructuring, in order to improve the consistency and force among the various business. The company has appointed the EMEA region President Emma di Aaron kratos thain as President of lenovo in North America, has come into effect since Tuesday. Lenovo also announced the appointment of Eric card dole for senior vice President and President of the EMEA region, take effect from May 1. Aaron kratos thain and card dole will directly report to Jiang Fan can DE Lange, who was recently promoted to lenovo’s President and chief operating officer.

samsung, HTC rich report

samsung expects its operating profit in the first quarter may reach 5.9 trillion won ($5.44 billion), but 8.5 trillion won is still down 30.51% from a year earlier. Previously, Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S survey of 41 analysts is forecast for 5.3 trillion won.

HTC has released the first quarter of 2015 earnings expectations. Surplus expected, according to the HTC unaudited net profit of $116 million, in the first quarter earnings of $1.3 billion. Compared with the fourth quarter of 2014, those Numbers were slightly down. But compared with the first quarter of 2014, HTC’s revenue and profits are growing sharply.

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