Morning: Google I/O three intelligence platform, lenovo with new products

May 29 (text/who)

Google I/O appeared three intelligence platform

Google held in San Francisco in 2015 I/O: new mobile platform Android M, smart Wear platform Android Wear Brillo as well as a new Internet platform.

Android M

new Android system has not been officially released, the IO conference is only a developer preview. For Android M Google is more focused on quality, the core is to improve the user experience. A new version in the development of dark, web and App client relations, payment and charge six direction such as improving the Android system.

Android Wear

new Android Wear have more perfect operation mode, such as user wrist can switch between the different applications of intelligent watch, automatic identification of graffiti and translating expressions, etc. At the same time the Android Wear will have a more comprehensive and more perfect application support, users can choose normally on application, fully open multiple sensor interfaces, and so on.


Google announced plans to launch new Internet of Things, the program is named the Project IoT (Internet of Things). This is a based on android, the operating system of the underlying framework, can be in the configuration of 32 MB or 64 MB of memory devices, such as smart locks and other small equipment. At the same time, Google also launched a new Weave communication language. Brillo will go on sale in the third quarter this year, and the Weave will wait until the fourth quarter.

Google I/O read what

Google is developing a offline version of the Google maps service, and the service is almost no limit. The offline version of the Google maps service will be provided to the user one by one to evaluation and search route navigation, see the place at different sites, and other functions, also support automatically search function.

Google will login and authentication solution integrated into the Google id platform “. Contains “intelligent combination lock management” function, let the user login account is more convenient in the third party applications.

virtual reality goggles Cardboard upgrades, new Cardboard support 6 inches phone, upgraded the SDK will support Android and iOS.

Android Wear exclusive application of App has reached more than 4000 models.

after ctrip, elong also once home page can’t visit

11:09 yesterday morning, ctrip unknown attack led to the official website and APP temporarily unable to normal use, ctrip homepage to get out the notice, suggest the user to select elong travel network. 17 PM yesterday afternoon, however, elong home page can’t visit, but the other pages and function of normal for the time being. Until the same afternoon, elong homepage to regain access.

Google can sell 3 d scan of the tablet Tango

Google developed a sensing space and 3 d scan of the tablet, and at a price of $512. This tablet is called the Project Tango, anyone can buy to the Google Store. For developers, Google hopes to developers to add more features to it, including better use of its built-in space sensor.

, the world’s largest watch maker to out smart watches

the swatch group chief executive Nick sea “, said the company will be launched in two countries in this summer his smart watches. Sea, said bill’s annual shareholders meeting in Switzerland, the swatch will be the first in Switzerland and watch “a big” with their own intelligence. He also said that the watch will be remote payment functions.

Jawbone to Fitbit accused of stealing a novice ring secrets

Jawbone sports bracelet manufacturers, will rival Fitbit to court, the reason is that by the plaintiff employees stealing commercial secrets. Jawbone requires Fitbit aspects to make economic compensation, in addition, asking the court to prevent anyone from Jawbone company employees leaving the company, shall not use away from the company’s information and data.

association published a large number of new products

lenovo TechWorld technology BBS opened yesterday in Beijing, lenovo at the conference, published a large number of new products, including laptop computers, Microsoft Cortana support personalized search experience, a new media flow equipment, an enterprise storage products, and a commercial tablets. Its Internet business unit magic works officially released its mobile phone brand “ZUK”.

there are a few concepts equipment, including a pair of users can on a small screen of emotional intelligence shoes. A new, with built-in laser projector and infrared motion detector “Smart Cast” Smart phones. Lenovo also showed a new “Magic View” smart watches, it think it can make smart watches more useful.

sany to join to make machine camp

sany heavy industry began to enter the mobile phone market, not only appearance belongs to the typical three style, and which can achieve 1.2 m drop, 1 m 99% waterproof and dustproof, priced at 1699 yuan. The phone was originally designed for construction machinery industry gunner, suitable for field work personnel, unexpectedly is popular now on sale to the public.

one plus mobile OS release hydrogen

one plus mobile hydrogen release self-developed OS in Beijing. Hydrogen OS based on android 5.0 development, USES Google new Material Design Design language. One plus mobile hydrogen OS on the vision has the obvious difference with the domestic other mobile OS, the Material Design of interactive framework, using round, square, triangle based graphics system, more lively and concise and efficient and interesting. Hydrogen OS some unique design include the Windows, sliding operation use, set up a notification priority areas and so on.

Avago proposed $37 billion acquisition of broadcom

anwar high-tech company has agreed to purchase in cash and equity way industry peers broadcom, trade total price is about $37 billion. Anwar high main production wireless chips related to industrial markets, and for a large number of general principles of the semiconductor product, including set-top boxes, mobile phone and network equipment, etc. The deal will be the chip industry one of the largest in the history of trading.

$15 million contact interaction in virtual reality,

contact interaction company a wholly owned subsidiary of digital sky Hong Kong proposed $15 million endowment Avegant companies in the United States, with their own fund for shares of preferred stock accounts for 21.02% of the total equity stake. Avegant company is a leading enterprise, the virtual reality field after fame due to get Intel capital injection. Contact interaction after the capital increase, for its stake will exceed 10.18% of the Intel (change after this round of capital increase of 10.84%).

high iron media companies amidst the media then 100 million yuan financing

China’s high-speed rail media amidst A media announced that the Chinese culture industry investment fund and shenzhen press group, after A round of investment again hui xinquan investment RMB 100 million of professional investment institutions, such as A + round of investment. Amidst the media is understood to have with a comprehensive cooperation, was announced and employee stock ownership plan, formal launch process.

kile P2P technology proposed $130 million strategic investment enterprises hold goods network

domestic a-share kile technology and P2P enterprise wealth network reached A strategic cooperation, according to the agreement, kile to cash paid 30 million yuan science and technology, the equity holding group zhonglian venture capital goods net, after completion of capital increase, the company will hold zhonglian A 10% stake in venture capital. Both sides, a year after the completion of the first 30 million investment such as zoomlion to relevant provisions of the agreement, will increase 100 million yuan.

new media company BuzzFeed program listed

BuzzFeed network news media companies in the United States, chief executive of jonah said perry, BuzzFeed is planning. Perry did not disclose the specific time to market. Initially, the Buzzfeed only converged network news and interesting article. In recent years, became involved in video Buzzfeed and art, serious political news.

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