Morning: Google acquisition iOS Timeful schedule management application

May 5 (text/who)

Google acquisition iOS schedule management applications Timeful

Google announced the acquisition of popular third-party Timeful iOS applications, said it would introduce the application of schedule management function Google the Inbox and Calendar, etc. Both Google and Timeful did not provide specific financial terms of the deal. Timeful pointed out that although the iOS app will still be available, but the company after join Google will focus on new projects.

Google + new capabilities to compete with Pinterest

Google + launched the Collection function, ready to call visual Pinterest social networking web site. It will can let users, including photos and video, interested in all of the post corpus in together, can set cover photo and folder name. When users click share a post article, asks the user whether there will be options to add this post article to existing bookmarks or create a new favorites.

Facebook and nokia signed cooperation agreement Here map

Facebook has quietly signed an agreement with nokia, has now begun to its mobile services using nokia Here map services; Facebook also is conducting a test, will use Here service for them and Facebook Messenger native applications such as the location of the function to provide support.

Facebook open to developers services

Facebook is launching an open platform, so that the online content and application developers to join The move is to further in the emerging markets of low-income and popularization of the Internet in rural areas. Facebook said in a statement, the platform will be open to all in accordance with specific guidelines for developers.

new apple ipod or are equipped with new features such as bluetooth stylus

AppleInsider reported, a person familiar with apple’s plans for future products, according to the company is building a new device, the screen size is 12.9 inches. The product by the media and the fruit are referred to as “the Pro”, launch time available, but it will have some new functions, such as support for NFC near field communication and bluetooth stylus.

tencent wide point through a merger with micro letter advertising

tencent company has newly established a “social and advertising effect”, the company’s social advertising business will be unified to the department, in order to promote the better development of the tencent platform advertising business and ecological. Previously, the effect of wide click-through is responsible for the AD platform department belongs to the social network business group (SNG), center is affiliated with WeChat WeChat advertising business group (WXG).

upstream said has received 400000 gree phone orders

gree phone ZhuoYi is the main contract. ZhuoYi has already received a gree phone 400000 of total orders. Screen, camera phone parts suppliers, with the first has to ZhuoYi shipped 50000 units. Foundry ZhuoYi accounted for seventy percent for measurement, it is estimated that gree phone early shipments of about 50000 ~ 70000.

cisco replaced new CEO John Chambers

announced cisco CEO John Chambers quit this summer to related position. Served as cisco’s global operations, senior vice President of chuck Robbins will take over, who has led cisco’s global sales team and partners. Cisco, says John Chambers to unload CEO will take effect from July 26, but he also will stay on the board of directors of the company, and executive chairman.

zhao cash holdings ali pictures nearly hk $1 billion

according to the stock exchange, according to zhao wei and her husband Huang Youlong 30 in last month, hk $3.9 per share holdings of 256 million shares, ali pictures, raised about 998.4 million Hong Kong dollars, holding by 1.22% to 9.18% from 1.22%. Net price is hk $2.3 per share, this means that less than five months time, just this cap now netted 588.8 million Hong Kong dollars.

tianya quasi listed on the new three board

the community was demolished VIE structure, seeking in domestic market, however, due to the delayed from Google makes the share buyback plan. In the case of a new three board market hot, tianya, began to targeting this market, however, the end of the world community is still losing money, loss of 44.65 million yuan in 2014. The end of the world on public transfer application has yet to get the CSRC for approval.

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