Morning: good cook obtain financing, such as apple development of search engine, the android applications

cloud network hunting on February 5th (text/who)

Job Forward, Pley, good cook, Casetext, AnyPerk, really melt, the financing KnCMiner

Job Forward complete seed round of funding. Singapore social recruitment website Job Forward declared complete seed round, investors for COENT Venture Partners. This round of funding will be used for products and business development efforts.

Pley $1 million B round of funding. Pley lease the complete sets of lego is a user of electricity, as a third party packaged content according to the monthly rent to the user, known as the lego version of Netflix. With the aid of this round of funding, Pley ready to market expansion in Europe and Asia, at the same time to launch a called PleyWorld crowdsourcing platform design.

“good cook” won $5 million in angel investment. this round of financing by the central capital investment. This round of financing funds will be used to expand the scale of business, improve service quality. Users can based on your taste through online booking the chef to cook, at present the business mainly concentrated in the three cities of Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou.

Casetext won A $7 million round of funding. by the Union Square Ventures led. Casetext crowdsourcing platform is a legal document, proficient in legal users can upload their analysis of judicial case, comments, and understanding, ordinary users can search on the platform to the tabbed classified data.

AnyPerk won $8.5 million in A round of funding. AnyPerk is a focus on employee benefits start-up, unit of choose and employ persons can get all kinds of discount, through its focus and with low cost of $5 for the welfare of each employee. This round of funding from DCM Ventures led, Digital Garage vote, will be mainly used for the development of mobile terminal APP.

true harmony treasure by matrix partners $10 million series A investment. really melt treasure is Beijing network owned by a quickly for investors to build a P2P network platform for the creditor’s rights transfer, loan through a large number of data analysis and really treasure optimization algorithm, selected from hundreds of P2P web site quality claims, after packaging daily transfer automatically by the true harmony treasure of creditor’s rights transfer service to the user.

KnCMiner won $15 million B round of funding. KnCMiner is a commitment to encrypt the currency in the production of mining tools hardware co., LTD. This round of financing investment institutions including Accel Partners, Creandum, GP Bullhound, Martin Wattin, etc.

the oracle’s $1.2 billion acquisition of companies advertising analysis Datalogix

oracle to pay more than $12 bought advertising analysis firm Datalogix Holdings Inc. , as early as in last year December 22, oracle announced that is interested in buying Datalogix, but did not disclose relevant specific price. At present, Datalogix website has released the related news, said the deal completed on January 23.

pass Microsoft’s $100 million takeover of the calendar application Sunrise

Sunrise is a calendar application with sentiment. This app can up with Google calendar, apple, Microsoft’s Microsoft Exchange, and other functions, and as a company, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and making similar applications such as integration, thus can provide activity than other calendar applications for more information. This app can include Mac and iOS, Android, Chrome, and many other platforms.

apple developed search engine, android applications

according to apple, according to the latest recruitment revelation it planned to hire a project manager, the job is “develop a support hundreds of millions of users search platform and participate in related technology research and development work, allow users to use the computer and mobile devices revolutionary changes in the way.”

the apple is developing its first android software, the software will compete with services like online music services. Apple plans to use a few months ago to buy the Beats of Music online Music service, but the application itself designed by apple.

Dr Peng issued the first operators to cost 3333 yuan

Dr Peng, a subsidiary of barley technology issued the first operator in Beijing television “barley television”. Barley TV there are only a 55 inch size, among them, the ordinary edition D55s price 3333 yuan, Hi – Fi version costs 3999 yuan. Its flagship “fission” concept, the use of the television screen (YunBing) and the main components (box) cloud separate design, to reduce the cost of users upgrade TV.

Mr Liu’s daughter who drops President

drops announced formally as willow blue drops the company President, more will be responsible for the company’s day-to-day business operations. Willow blue has said he will travel drops positioning for the mobile platform, users out of the door open when drops to see today how to go out is convenient. In July last year, China’s “godfather” IT, the daughter of Mr Liu, a former Goldman sachs (Asia) group executive director of the willow blue join drops as the company’s chief operating officer.