Morning: drops to cancel Monday free express, unmanned baic cooperation together

5 June (text/who)

activity drops a taxi to cancel Monday free express

drops a taxi official weibo announcement, announced to cancel for some reason the orange free Monday the express “activities. Next Monday (June 8), and down on Monday (June 15), each user to use the drops after the express bus, will receive two 8 yuan express ticket compensation, replace the original 15 yuan a free of charge.

drops quickly teamed up with baic cooperative unmanned

drops quickly with baic group formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will in unmanned, new energy vehicles, car networking, car companies and so on four big areas in-depth cooperation. Drops quickly will also work with baic, after the whole vehicle and auto market to explore the possibility of cooperation. Will also expand the cooperation with other traditional manufacturing enterprises.

Apple Watch will sale in stores in June 26

Apple, said on June 26, the user will be available in the Apple store and bought some authorized dealer Apple Watch. At present, this product has been in the United States, Australia, Canada, mainland China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Britain.

Apple TV set-top box jump ticket

in the New York times recently published an article, said Apple was really mean to update their on the WWDC Apple TV production line, and the plan did not change until mid-may. But when near WWDC apple but because the product is not fully ready, and decided to give up in WWDC. The New York times said, they have been through two insiders confirmed the news.

16 bus WiFi platform WiFi for one hundred million yuan A round

16 bus WiFi platform WiFi complete baidu led hundreds of millions of yuan A round of funding, veterans of the union, etc to vote. 16 WiFi, according to its platform has signed with more than 60 cities in our country public transportation WiFi construction operation agreement, market share has reached more than 50%. Before the baidu strategic investment 16 WiFi, ali and tencent has invested in two other WiFi platform and mai di the koala.

China media won the $11.5 million investment such as baidu

China media announced subsidiary “in China” the Internet has signed A round of financing capital increase agreement, baidu webex from baidu, A subsidiary of Beijing science and technology co., LTD. For $11.5 million. China Internet media is China, a subsidiary of urban public traffic WiFi business.

cisco’s new CEO appointments 10 senior executive

the incoming chief executive of cisco’s new Luo Zhuoke is stepping up to form after his Chambers in the era of new management team. From a technical perspective, Luo Zhuoke have until the end of July to run the cisco real power, but he was appointed a senior management team 10 people, today the executives from inside and outside the company, will be working in cisco’s important position.

lenovo group will issue 4 billion yuan notes

lenovo group released proposals paper announcement, to issue and sell notes is 4 billion yuan RMB in 2020. Lenovo group with agent for distribution and sales of the interest rate to 4.95 expire in 2020, 4 billion yuan bill subscription agreement is concluded. Net decodes the 4 billion yuan bill proceeds for general corporate purposes, including its working capital.

kingsoft placement to raise funds 2.17 billion yuan

kingsoft announced plans to placement of existing stake and subscribe for new shares, kingsoft the subscription price of 27.21 Hong Kong dollars, is expected to raise money for hk $2.72 billion, or about 2.17 billion yuan. According to the plan, the 80% will provide funding for kingsoft cloud group to raise money, in order to strengthen the kingsoft cloud group cloud infrastructure and strengthen the kingsoft cloud group of cloud technologies and services for the development and research capacity; The remaining 20% is used for kingsoft daily operation.

ali pictures, placement of new shares to investors to raise hk $12.1 billion

alibaba pictures group announced that already and placement agency sale agreement, to be no less than six independent professional placement, institution or individual investors. Ali pictures the placement shares accounted for about 19.96% of the total equity, issued accounting for 16.64% of the enlarged share capital, combined to raise about 12.1 billion Hong Kong dollars.

since the media alliance WeMedia plans listed in 2016

WeMedia Dong Jiangyong new media group chairman, said in an internal letter will land capital market in 2016. Group in the near future will be done announced a new round of financing, brokerage, accountants and lawyers have also been approach to carry out the work. WeMedia senior management personnel also have corresponding changes.

net dragon full acquisition of intelligent speech technology provider chi sound

net dragon announced the share purchase agreement, will acquire a 100% stake in suzhou chi acoustic information intelligent voice technology providers. Chi is a focus on domestic intelligent speech technology provider of education industry, to create voice technology in the field of intelligent human-computer interaction study and test products, and to multiple service providers to provide professional education industry of speech evaluation, the speaking test technologies and services.

the HP computer science company talks broke down

according to people familiar with the news that HP last month already almost buy a Computer science company (Computer Sciences corp.), but in the end, the two sides of trade talks is ended in failure. HP company deals if the successful acquisition of computer science, so the deal will be HP company since 2011, the largest deals.

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