Morning: drops quickly pushed a button called plane, millet on sale accessories in the UK

May 16 (text/who)

drops quickly try “a key called plane”

drops quickly today and two days to launch a key called aircraft services, by one car booking application. First APEC Tours and air including Beijing “Beijing – tianjin route back and forth,” by 35 million Bell Bell – 407 helicopters and 407-429 helicopter, the price is 1999 yuan and 3500 yuan/person, experience for 40 minutes at a time.

weak weak ground to ask: a key called three rounds, a key called ship service when opened?

millet in the UK on sale electronic accessories

millet is imitated to expand the market model, namely the first brand of headphones, mobile power supply for millet and millet bracelet launched online accessories shop, main all kinds of accessories. In the UK market, millet plans starting at noon on May 19, accept booking, but consumers is important to note that this online accessories shop will continue to be a “test run”.

patents, Ericsson seems to have A winning attitude, ray, A U OK?

love in the merger with youku rumours

love in the gong yu, CEO of tweeting clarified: “recently about love in the news of the merger with youku inaccuracies, love, art and shareholders on the matter and youku without any communication and negotiation. On Thursday, there is a market speculation, according to youku potatoes and iQIYI are discussing the possibility of merger. If the merger is successful, youku potatoes will be delisted from the United States to return to the domestic market.

who made mistake in?

foreign media exposure Netflix are negotiating with TV media cooperation in China

the Internet TV commercial Netflix is talks with ma TV media and other investment company, intention to enter the market of the $5.9 billion China network video market. Netflix spokesman said Anne Marie thought koko, Netflix plan basic global coverage by the end of 2016.

still think iQIYI, optimal soil, tencent video early merger, Netflix also want to come to yo.

apple said June first HomeKit third-party intelligent household hardware listed

apple spokeswoman TrudyMuller on the press, said HomeKit hardware certification program has just launched a few months, there are dozens of partners, are being developed in line with the HomeKit the hardware of the interface, apple is the first batch of hardware will go on sale in June.

Google test automatic driving this summer

Google will begin this summer on the public road test designed driverless cars, but this kind of car will be equipped with the steering wheel and brake, the description is different with before. Engineers will be 25 prototype car operation, this kind of prototype used with Google driverless lexus lexus RX450h sport utility vehicle of the same software, which has been put into operation a few years ago.

samsung next month closing wallet service

Samsung to Samsung Wallet, according to the user’s E-mail will be closed in June 30, Samsung Wallet Wallet (Samsung) services. After June 30, the user will not be able to use the coupons in the Samsung Wallet, but can still through the use of the partner application visit tickets and booking (tickets & amp; All information in reservations).

apparently, this is the service for the new Samsung Pay way (Samsung). Mr Lee will succeed his father served as the head of the group’s two most important foundation.

sharp won a $1.9 billion bailout money

sharp corp. announced a $1.9 billion funding. Because of other competitors hit to the smart phone panel business, sharp in deep losses, this is the second time in three years the company to obtain funding provided by the big Banks. At present, the sharp new reorganization plan including cut 5000 jobs and sell company headquarters, but these measures is far from enough to alleviate the dilemma.

the Chinese personnel changes pretty big: this vector akihiko chairman, sakai work as President.

hon hai, symantec rich

foxconn’s parent company hon hai precision industry company net profit year-on-year growth of 56% in the first quarter, the growth rate higher than that of the company in the fourth quarter of last year. In the fourth quarter of last year, hon hai’s net profit year-on-year growth of 33%. Results show that, due to the time the iPhone smartphone sales strong, hon hai in the first quarter of this year net profit year-on-year growth in the company, the highest in recent 10 years.

symantec fiscal 2015 fourth quarter, measured in accordance with us gaap net revenue of $1.518 billion, more than $1.625 billion a year earlier fell by 7%; Measured in accordance with us gaap net income was $176 million, $217 million over the same period fell 19% over the previous year.

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