Morning: division of fruit of the financing, apple’s new patent with the iPhone unlock the door

cloud network hunting on Feb. 4 (text/who)

fruit division, Apttus excitation technology selection, visa-free tour, letter received financing

“fruit” complete 20 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding. the investors with A total of three, including its investment Fang Yingnuo angel round and A round of fund. The money will officially arrive at the end of February, will mainly be used for the online part and the development and operation of the warehouse, and build and perfect the business model.

Apttus won A $41 million round of funding. Apttus was founded in 2006, is the largest enterprise applications on the platform that Salesforce to service providers, mainly provide CRM data integration, service contract, etc. This round of financing investors including coniq Capital, K1 Capital Advisors, Salesforce Ventures, etc.

“visa-free featured Tours” angel round of funding for 6 million yuan. investors for venture capital, after this round of financing, visa-free selection will swim with the aid of ping an group internal resources integration, ping an group financial customers with outbound tourism products, and with the help of a bank, trust and other business channel support, visa-free selected swam in a try on travel pay electricity business model innovation.

letter excitation simplyBrand won the million dollar investment of science and technology. for middle and Cerberus capital investment. Letter excitation technology simplyBrand is a network big data solution services company, mainly for the consumer, financial, retail and other industries well-known brands to provide data services. The money will be mainly used in large data product research and development and team building.

new apple patent using iPhone unlock doors

the company to apply for the new patent related to “a primary portable device, the device” to a car transmission contains the activation of vehicle access credentials information, to open a car “. This means that the user can use the iPhone to unlock the car, no longer needs to fumble around the keys. When the user to enter inside car, even still can use iPhone to start the engine. According to the patent application documents, the information transmission will be via bluetooth.

taobao launched unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery test

announcement, to launch unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) delivery in no. 2.4 to 2.6, 1 hour can reach, set limit to 450 users. Amazon, DHL try to use drones do logistics already has a period of time, the local tyrants alibaba team finally joined the competitors.

easy to res-q-kit car was established with chery Bertrand

easy to transport announced joint chery automobile and focus group, the tripartite joint venture set up a new company, plans to develop Internet smart car sharing, it is known that plans in the next two years to launch its first “Internet intelligent sharing electric vehicles” by iVokaOS res-q-kit cars. Chery is responsible for research and development of manufacturing, there is responsible for the car networking, and easy to nature is build a Shared platform.

music according to the established Leie intelligent hardware factory

happy see announced the formation of Leie intelligent technology co., LTD, responsible for developing intelligent hardware platform. The original intelligent terminal group chief marketing officer Peng Gang new Letv holding senior vice President and President Leie intelligent technology co., LTD. At present, there are two Leie,