Morning: cook’s visit to push Apple Pay, drops quickly luoyang station were seized

May 13 (text/who)

cook’s visit to China is pushing Apple Pay

the cook said apple is working with Chinese Banks and alibaba launched apple mobile payment systems in China are discussed. Mr Ma has said last October, to cooperate with the Apple on the Apple Pay is open. Cook also pointed out that apple wants to continue to increase the new stores in China, going to the next year to increase the number of stores from the current 22 to 40.

and open weibo and blog posts about environmental protection, at the same time please ali and government…

– two taxis software related news, a bad news, a good news.

drops quickly luoyang station were targeted

drops company insiders confirmed that drops a taxi and quickly take a taxi in luoyang office shut down by the local industrial and commercial joint law enforcement, a local taxi driver expressed support for the results. Luoyang city industrial and commercial department personnel will drops seized luoyang office, and take away part of the staff and computer and other office equipment. Industrial and commercial department personnel come to fast taxi office again, and seized it.

, according to the staff of the department of industry and commerce law enforcement has not issue the relevant documents. Ones, both of man and computer finally defused by unknown person signs, Uber sympathetic eyes.

Uber legally in the Philippines the

the Philippines department of transportation decided to Uber gave the green light, and specifically for this type of service have created a new service category, namely “vehicle traffic network service”, refers to all those traffic service based on network application. On condition that the network operating vehicles equipped with GPS, vehicles shall not be more than 7 years, SUV, MPV, and other similar models.

that is including Lyft these services may be legitimate to tap the market in the future.

– two news about new energy vehicles, tesla, Toyota.

tesla charging will be fully compatible with the Chinese national standard

tesla said the company will fully support the establishment of China’s charging standard, and in the standard in effect when the vehicle can fit with them. At the same time, tesla will provide has sold the vehicle conversion equipment and the new implementation is fully compatible with national standard.

new green car tail gas drainage only Toyota

the company newly developed Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, exhaust emissions only water, no pollution, can be up to 178 kilometers per hour. From start to speed up to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds, filled with a hydrogen fuel can go about 482 kilometers, from the city of waterford city driving to Carlisle, super carbon fiber fill fuel tanks for about 10 minutes can.

mediatek 10 nuclear chip, listed on the stock market by the end of 10 nuclear cell phone

mediatek launched 10 core chip Helio X20, deliver, the third quarter is expected to carry Helio X20 smartphone will be available by the end of the year. Helio X20 take three clusters processor architecture, is the biggest breakthrough in the size of the nuclear structure, add the secondary core, a total of 10 core. Has two large nuclear architecture of 2.5 GHz A72, has four 2 GHz core architecture (A53, has four small nuclear architecture of 1.4 GHz A53. At the same time, the power consumption can be more traditional double cluster architecture processor to reduce 30%.

in mobile phone reason one more, but in the case of enough, and how many people to pursue the perfection.

Verizon announced a $4.4 billion bid for AOL

the telecoms giant, the dow Verizon to $50 per share in cash for America online (AOL). The total value of the deal at $4.4 billion. Verizon, points out that AOL CEO Armstrong will continue to be responsible for AOL’s operation, the company will use the cash on hand and issuance of commercial paper to finance the deal, the deal is expected to be completed this summer.

home inns, unite era rich report

home inns in the first quarter of the total revenue of RMB 1.47 billion ($237.2 million), fell 0.1%. Net loss attributable to common shareholders of 37.6 million yuan ($6.1 million), in the same period last year net profit of 74.9 million yuan.

poly era in the first quarter net revenue of RMB 1.1503 billion ($185.6 million), more than RMB 666.3 million in the same period last year growth of 72.6%. Net income of 227 million yuan ($36.5 million), more than RMB 183.6 million in the same period last year growth of 23.6%.

due to personal reasons, Cao Jin resigned as a board member at the company, at the same time also to resign from the company’s executive vice President, the resignation take effect on May 1, 2015.

baidu anti-corruption seven employees were

baidu through a “create sunlight career Do simple man can rely on baidu internal email, to all employees on the “sunshine” workplace action to investigate seven employees suspected of job occupation, commercial bribery major professional ethics violations, called on employees to “simple can rely on the company’s core values, to create a fair and transparent, sunlight, workplace environment.

in addition to terminate the labor contract, at the same time has also been handed over to relevant judicial organs in accordance with the law. “Twenty thousand” curse of the BAT all escape not to drop.

YouTube, chief engineer of the cancer death

head of YouTube, Google’s vice President of engineering work Venkat Panchapakesan died of cancer on Monday night. Panchapakesan worked in yahoo for more than a decade, he is responsible for research and development of several products, yahoo and served as director of India’s research and development center.

because of hard work? Workaholics also should pay attention to health.

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