Morning: cook wear Watch Apple a day, don’t stop

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cook wear Watch Apple a day, don’t stop

the cook said Apple Watch must match the iPhone 5 or more models to be functional, a threshold for consumers more. But he is fairly optimistic market reaction, and said he had “wearing a Watch Apple every day, don’t want to get down”. In the face of the public for smart watches, cook think revolutionary product cannot be predicted. After you get to see the product’s real value. The situation of the smart watch is the same.

the new Apple TV will make its debut on June WWDC congress, internal and external design will look brand-new, including using Apple A8 chip, support Siri, may also be integrated Apple Homekit.

konka TV KKTV ali YunOS release system

konka smart TV online brand KKTV with ali YunOS reached a strategic cooperation, jointly issued with ali YunOS system U50 smart TV new products. And formally announced online brand KKTV implementation independent operation. Bilateral cooperation in the future will cover to the user requirements gathering, reverse custom configuration, prototype design, development, system integration application and so on each link.

subsidies in 1 billion drops quickly today

1 billion yuan drops, fast vouchers fully flocked to the car users. 21 drops A taxi and car number one in the morning A P P users on the voucher to the car. Drops the relevant person in charge of taking a taxi, said hope like previous rental subsidies, subsidies do popularized. Easy to, ehi said no follow up.

a big Bob startup for financing

new mother-to-child sale O2O platform “god us net” angel rounds of investment, now god us open plan on March 18th website online open beta. Now god has beautiful net and several well-known brand at home and abroad merchants and multiple free trade zone signed a cooperation agreement, the us open invite god in some well-known businessmen, in addition to enjoy free into the overseas, god has for us companies to provide the corresponding subsidy policy.

“massage lion” door to door massage O2O enterprises get angel bay angel round investment of $one million.

Hong Kong language learning Gowell angel financing for $1 million, Fresco “by Hong Kong fund Capital led, Nest Investments to vote. Their main development english-chinese online learning courses to help foreigners to learn Chinese, Chinese to learn English. The purpose of this financing is in order to develop China market.

remotely funny pet artifact Petcube won $1.1 million round of funding, angel by AVentures Capital and Almaz Capital joint lead shot. Petcube is a pet class intelligent hardware, its built-in wide-angle camera allows you to remote peep own Wang Xing and meow star, two-way microphones both every song words to help you.

medical O2O enterprise e accompanying 10 million yuan angel round, HongTai fund will e accompanying 20% stake. To push the finance income amount is mainly used for offline service team construction, and then gradually upgrade online products from the technology. E accompanying as nurse service platform, on the platform, doctors, nurses can make use of leisure time do with medical services for patients, not only broaden the channels of communication channels, the practice of medical staff and patients, still can increase their income due to serve more patients.

India app TrulyMadly won $5.6 million in the first round of financing, for Helion cast a partner and Kae capital investment. Before using TrulyMadly looking for a date, you must first submit real id such as passport, driver’s license. TrulyMadly team can verify the identity certificates and fill in the upload data authenticity.

Noah easyjet employees treasure platform sequoia China tens of millions of yuan capital injection, the funding will be used to strengthen the comprehensive financial business employees treasure, such as public funds, insurance and supply of dollars overseas products. Employees focus on treasure wealth management business, the Internet for white-collar elite groups.

m net $49.8 million financing, led by CPT capital and 825 fund. M is a P2P services and stocks with the combination of the Internet financial platform. Allegedly, m cattle network with information and cost of capital is around 16%, under the premise of ensure safety lever can be amplified to 1:5, borrowing amount threshold is low.

53 million star capital investment on sea-based beautiful pictures, beautiful pictures, is a set up in Shanghai’s international film investment, production and distribution company. The funds raised will be used to supplement working capital, the main business and market promotion, support continuous technological innovation, promote the company’s rapid development.

the American pet foster startups to raise $25 million m, now have opened up the horses, cats and snakes generation of nursing services. According to market research firm IBISWorld estimates, the American pet owners will spend $2.7 billion on pet foster care about this year.

P2P platform done clap to borrow $40 million C round of financing, your capital led, AIG and chow tai fook and cast. On credit is the domestic first pure P2P platform, online operation pattern belongs to the typical mode of online peer-to-peer lending, only ACTS as a trading platform.

small short-term borrowing startup Fundbox received $40 million B round, by General Catalyst collar, NyCa Investment Partners, Khosla Ventures, Shlomo Kramer and Blumberg Capital to vote. Team also announced credit with Banks and other institutions in silicon valley. won $60 million in financing, Salesforce and Microsoft. is mainly for the enterprise sales provide users purchase behavior prediction based on big data analysis. The new capital injection will be used in the further integration of the three companies existing software and solutions.

jinshan, cheetahs get rich report

kingsoft released its 2014 full-year results without review. Results showed that kingsoft 2014 annual revenue of 3.3501 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 54%; Deduct fee before the influence of operating profit of 715.5 million yuan, down 4% compared with last year. Belong to shareholder’s net income of 768.8 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 15%.

cheetah mobile Q4 in the global mobile monthly active users reached 395 million, up 137.9% from a year earlier. Total revenue of 590 million yuan, up 118.8% from a year earlier. The mobile revenue of 220 million yuan, up 610.2%, accounted for 38% of total revenue; Overseas income is 140 million yuan, rose 156.5%, accounted for 24% of total weight for mobile income proportion is 63%.

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