Morning: cook said Apple Watch through the retail store delivery before June

May 21 (text/who)

cook said Apple will Watch through the retail store delivery before June

Apple chief executive Tim cook recently claimed to employees, Apple Watch will eventually start before June through Apple retail stores. Production by the technology of AAC company aims to provide the wearer with vibration response of the engine “touch” flaws, however, new suppliers are unable to increase production immediately, so that Apple Watch final delivery delay.

Google plans to launch a new online picture services

Google plans to launch an online photo sharing and storage service, the service will no longer be part of the Google + social network. New image tool allows users to directly to Facebook and Twitter released photos. This picture tools may will be held at the end of this month the Google’s annual software developers conference.

jack ma: ali sanders’ secret recipe for success is one of the women

the first global conference on women entrepreneurs, alibaba chairman jack ma said that ali one recipe for success is a woman. Ma said the women is the main consumption, grasp women consumption. “We today the alibaba group, the vast majority of buyers are female. Why have a BBS women entrepreneurs? Alibaba wanted to express their gratitude.”

well, 520 women were you to thank, men said hurt, please in 3.8 days to start next year, in this way, 5.20 women will have a whole day to buy buy buy.

618 years to promote jingdong first war

jingdong officially released 618 promote strategy, become the first big electric business platform that promote content published year. Jingdong 618 follow “PARTYON” carnival theme this year, covering the whole category of goods, provide attractive discount dynamics, also for consumers “global direct supply and intelligent life, network financial, social mobility, the national pastime and convenient home” the six themes of carnival Party.

ali naturally unwilling to lag behind, concrete measures next week, wait for ali were indeed to love like “every day, all shopping festival”.

360 said mobile OS will use Android 5.1.1

360 announced a based on Android system research and development of 360 OS will directly with Google’s latest Android 5.1.1. “Equipment protection” is regarded as one of the biggest bright spot. As long as open equipment anti-theft function, the user mobile phone once lost will keep it locked, even if the factory reset can unlock. But equipment must have set the unlock code or screen design and using Google account login.

but due to a special case in China, Google service doesn’t work. 360 don’t have to worry about.

happy as officials say the mobile phone sales has more than 500000 units on the first day

Letv mall, said Letv super cell phone on the spot to snap up + reservations 24 hours more than 500000 units. Letv official also said that to foreign 200000 super phone 3 minutes 46 seconds is sold out, including 1 ten thousand le Pro one second was gone, when the number of people involved in buying online at the same time to 7.6 million.

before does not mean that this year’s sales targets is millions of, feel finish it for a smaller part.

360 huayuan together create “Internet +” intelligence community

“520” confessions, Internet and real estate enterprises “confessions” because of smart home for the first time in hand. Qihoo 360 and huayuan real estate development enterprise group, announced that the two sides will with intelligent household security as the breakthrough point, in the smart hardware, mobile Internet and APP, and cloud services, and many other fields to conduct a comprehensive strategic cooperation, and will focus on building the domestic first real intelligence community.

the original 5.6 day name of “cool” mobile phone conference, to real estate bosses is for this platform.

WPC wireless charging alliance plans to build 2000 charging point in China

WPC wireless charging union says the future is committed to its standard Qi wireless charging technology popularized in the greater China region, and in north shenzhen and other cities set up 2000-3000 wireless charging points, covering the cafe, restaurant, airport and other places of public relations. The existing 205 member enterprises alliance, of which Chinese companies accounted for 24%, accounted for nearly 75% of Asian companies.

2000 charging points are still a little less, but I finally had, feeling go to starbucks and have a good reason, in addition to B.

association released independent TV brand 17 TV

lenovo brand new smart TV Internet brand 17 TV product 55 I announced its first day cat price 3999 yuan. Hardware, 17 TV USES 4 k resolution 55 inches LCD screen, processor for faster 1.2 GHZ A17, built in 2 “gramm + 8 grom. Custom software, based on ali YunOS depth, as well as application developers to set aside the interface.

ali added reinforcement, progress in the occupation of the sitting room.

thunderbolt, youku, potatoes, soufun get rich report

thunder in the first quarter of the total revenue of $30.2 million, compared with the same period last year fell 8.4%, than the previous quarter fell 14.9%. Business net income from continuing operations was $2.4 million, $4.6 million over the same period last year fell 48%, compared with the previous quarter to $7.2 million.

youku tudou in the first quarter net revenue of RMB 1.14 billion ($183.8 million), up 47% from a year earlier. The net loss of 517.4 million yuan ($83.5 million), was a net loss of 176 million yuan over the same period last year ($28.4 million) to expand dramatically.

soufun in the first quarter of the total revenue of $123.5 million, up 1.8%; Belongs to soufun shareholder’s net income of $6.1 million, fell 85.3%.

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