Morning: cook said Apple Watch may replace the car keys

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cook said Apple Watch may replace car keys

Apple CEO Tim cook in the telegraph interview, Apple Watch smart watches are likely to be replaced by the purpose of the car keys. Cook said Apple Watch battery rechargeable battery life can reach all day at a time, and charging time is not as long as the iPhone.

is this the legendary eggs, “submarine model”, similar to the tesla may temporarily unable to work, but in the near future, may be able to jing.

Ericsson, Smartflash Sue apple

Ericsson notes that apple has infringed its 41 patents of key mobile communication, including the user interface, multiple aspects, such as battery energy saving and operating system. Ericsson now seven lawsuit filed to the court, and hope that the us international trade commission (ITC) in the United States to ban the iPhone on the market.

Smartflash LLC filed a patent infringement lawsuit for apple again. After a lawsuit, the court ruled that apple compensation of $532.9 million to the company. In the lawsuit, Smartflash asked apple for new products, including the iPhone 6, iPhone Plus and the Air 2 (the last action are not included), use is not authorized by the company to pay patent.

Google for $25 million. The app top-level domain

Google paid $25 million for top-level domains. App, so far the prices also hit a purchase price of the top-level domain. Although Google hasn’t disclosed for. App top-level domain names, but the company is likely to make use of this domain name with innovative ways to promote mobile terminal applications.

amazon purchased for $5 million and $2.2 million respectively. Buy and. Spot two domain names. You are all domain slasher…

IDC: millet become China’s largest 2014 smartphone manufacturers

a market research firm IDC released in the fourth quarter of 2014 China’s smartphone market research data. Data shows, millet, with 13.7% of the smartphone shipments market share, ranking the first, then followed by apple, huawei, lenovo and samsung in accordance with the shipments, millet is also in 2014, the largest smartphone maker in China. In the fourth quarter of 2014, China’s smartphone shipments reached 107.5 million units, 2% quarter-on-quarter growth.

other aside, meizu 14 years in the second half is bold, the final transcript will be released this year, let’s wait and see.

high new technology, to improve the subway and shopping mall mobile network signal

qualcomm will start selling this year of the new components in order to adapt to the development trend of new base stations. LTE Unlicensed -u (LTE) technology, by means of Shared with wi-fi radio spectrum will be used for short distance transmission. LTE -u base station appearance is similar to wi-fi routers, can be installed in buildings or remote location, improve cell phone signals, reducing pressure on the operator network.

qualcomm plan to integrate the technology in the chip, don’t know what to do so will stimulate your switching phones, hunting cloud network, said: “in”. Beijing and Shanghai mobile phone is not in the subway is a brick.

FDD licensing industry comprehensive into the era of 4 g

27 ministry of industry and information technology to China telecom, China unicom issued FDD 4 g network systems business license. At this point, the global TD – LTE and LTE FDD two 4 g network system, carried out in our country, with high-speed Internet era, at the same time three carriers have full access to the 4 g era.

new patents: amazon directly print goods delivery truck

amazon patent application for several transport system, the new system can be printed on the delivery truck. Use of 3 d printing technology, amazon can at home near the roadside manufactured goods from the customers. The system can be in “mobile manufacturing center” in accordance with the requirements to print the goods, mobile manufacturing center is to configure the truck for 3 d printer. In transit, the truck can make and deliver goods fast.

Brazil announced the closure of WhatsApp, involved child pornography

The judge ordered the

Brazil, banned in Brazil run WhatsApp. It is the main reason for the ban, it is not help investigate the case, involving a child pornography in WhatsApp chat tool. Earlier this month, Brazil has announced a ban on its operations, a judge WhatsApp appeal, however, it is still running in Brazil. After the verdict, WhatsApp will formally lockout.

lenovo announced to provide Intel security software resist Superfish attack

the company said on Friday its will to buy a laptop Superfish pre-installed software users free security software subscription service, Intel for Superfish formation of PC is becoming vulnerable to cyber attacks. Lenovo provide 6 months Intel McAfee LiveSafe free security software subscription service, and released to “significantly” reduce the pre-installed software of the new computer program.

, experts say, causes Superfish the inventors of the security risk is a Komodia SDK, provided by the company in addition to Superfish, or move more software also

said to introduce beautiful Wei Ping listed as CFO suspected preparing

fast fashion female domestic electricity beautiful CFO said invite Wei Ping as company. Wei Ping previously served as chief financial officer are keeping distance education and lead the company listed on the nyse, also participated in new Oriental us listings. Is beautiful and mushroom street with the target point to the IPO, have rich experience of listed CFO may mean beautiful signed for in the market competition has been leading the half body.

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