Morning: cook plan to donate all wealth, a music company Letv

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all cook has announced plans to donate their wealth

apple CEO Tim cook said recently in an interview with fortune magazine, in ten years raising his little nephew responsibility is completed, he plans to “donate all his money. Cook’s total wealth is about $120 million, and he holds the stock value of about $665 million.

if I leave this world, the world is not when I come, is a felony. Hunting cloud network moved fast cry, cook is a good comrade.

apple would launch the iPhone in China to old change new project

the earliest Chinese consumers can be in March 31 to old iPhone to the apple store, and replacement of other apple products, foxconn will be in the old iPhone after a renovation in online mall sales. News that foxconn is still in talks with apple to try to sell these refurbished iPhone in the store.

as the thought of kidney transplant? Well, the new is always good.

apple and Beats teamed up to develop streaming music service

the apple is working with Beats engineers and executives to develop from the mainstream media music subscription service. Apple also plans to improve iTunes Radio, designed to meet the different needs of users in various areas. Beats chief creative officer, nine inch nails, head of the orchestra, trent LeiZeNuo redesign apple music applications will play an important role.

can’t, rival to the first. New global subscription users has reached 15 million, more than 45 million users free of charge.

depending on set up a music company

Letv announced the formation of Letv music company, will be “music + technology + Internet” orientation perpendicular to the vertical depth in the music industry. Letv music company consists of executive LeiZhenJian chairman and CEO is by Letv music business core Yin Liang sometimes. Letv music might be capital movement, the recent launch music hardware may years.

in the content of music as finally to operate on the music.

Singapore Uber supercar shuttle services

start from this week, Uber will provide 41 super car in Singapore. Lamborghini will start at $200, $7 per minute after the first 15 minutes. The starting price of $165 and maserati. Previously, Uber has provided a Cadillac Escalade and other luxury cars.

Please note

so, prick silk, lamborghini and maserati has joined luxury pack package B…

haier electrical contractor team in suning

haier more than 40 people online team will be the collective enterprises in nanjing suning headquarters, its Internet brand commander in chief, die card also in Su Ningyi bought yuntai, to fully support suning personalized management. Strategic conference, the two sides have reached 2015 annual sales target of 18 billion.

estimates are gree and the stimulation of gome fit, channels and manufacturers clannishness, folks who steal happy.

foxconn factory in India as SONY television production

foxconn electronics will build LCD TV production lines in India, in response to the order demand from SONY. SONY LCD TV shipments for 14.5 million units last year, this year’s shipments and was equal to that of last year. This production line will be completed and put into production in the second half of this year to at the earliest. SONY may over samsung this year to become India’s first big TV makers.

where to vice President John jen tai eagle desert travel the new director is

the eagle desert where to travel to the board of directors announced the appointment of vice President John jen tai director to the company. Eagle desert travel for quick hotel housekeeper strategic adjustment after the latest products, on January 26, 2015. Products are mainly oriented hotel frequent flyer, users to download the APP after landing can bind the hotel card, realization of integral query, online booking, etc.

unicom Revelations will handle eight departmental level cadres

the central inspection group, after leaving the unicom unicom through inspection, found that there are eight “departmental level cadres” problem. The eight people involved in the provincial branch general manager, general manager of the subsidiary wholly owned business. Allegedly, the eight people some problems such as “gain”, processing results are divided into three categories, one kind is a demerit, 2 kinds of suspension, 3 kinds of removal to be arranged.

the company will sell thunis H3C control

according to a source familiar with the situation said, HP has been close to an agreement, the content is to its China business China three communication data network controlling stake sale to thunis.

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