Morning: cook open weibo promotion of new environmental projects, millet push current treasure

May 12 (text/who)

apple launched China’s new environment project

apple announced in China to launch a new renewable energy and environmental protection projects, including a long-term cooperation with the world wide fund for nature plan for many years, this project will improve China is responsible for managing the forest nearly millions of acres of forest, the forest is an important source of fiber pulp, paper and wood.

this is the first blog cook opened sina weibo, the first 370000 fans, 30000, 40000, 50000 praise, hunting cloud network cannot help but weak asked 1: forward send table?

lei jun on weibo show English “welcome to China”, caused a lot of net friend message “you ok?” Zhou is the message “hello coko”.

millet push “current” went into Internet financial

millet financial released the first monetary fund products “current”, millet and e financial cooperation of monetary market fund products every day. Recent millet finance will also be in the credit, stock index funds, securities business in areas such as more financial services.

millet financial accurate credit reporting system based on mobile terminal is the key.

wanda yunfeng, a stake in Letv sports

miniaturization: its enjoyed sports has completed a new round of financing, valued at $450 million. Wanda group and Mr. Ma leadership of yunfeng funds are involved, the investment amount temporarily not clear. Le regard sports now is a global company with the largest number of sports resources copyright events, the future will be pay for, value-added services, sports industrialization, and other fields to explore.

get rich at softbank, 51 job

softbank’s fiscal 2014 operating profit dropped 9% than the previous fiscal year of 1.08 trillion yen, to 982.7 billion yen ($8.2 billion), and the company had their own expectations for 900 billion yen, Thomson Reuters survey of 20 analysts’ average forecast for 980.87 billion yen. In fiscal 2014 net sales of 8.67 trillion yen ($72 billion), up 30.1% over last fiscal year of 6.67 trillion yen. Net profit of 763.7 billion yen ($6.3 billion), up 32.1% over last fiscal year of 578.3 billion yen.

51 job in the first quarter of the total revenue of RMB 458.1 million ($73.9 million), up 4.8% from a year earlier. Net income of 173.3 million yuan ($28 million), more than RMB 118.5 million in the same period last year growth of 46%.

Facebook test search new function independently

Facebook is testing its own search engine, the search engine has a new feature that allows users to find and pasting articles relevant links, and don’t need with the help of Google. This new capability and Facebook have struggled to keep the Internet users in their plan is an important part of ecosystem. Facebook’s plan also includes a stop because Internet users search, copy and paste from Google links such as the terrible experience and stop their mobile browsing activity.

Google self-driving car test for six years, 11 minor mishap

Google since 6 years ago to begin testing its self-driving technology, this car has caused 11 slight accident. Google self-driving car project director Chris urmson, according to all 11 times the size of the accident is very small, only the “mild hurt, no one was injured”, and it is the total length of 1.7 million miles (2.74 million km) tests, which model of unmanned driving for nearly 1 million miles (1.61 million km).

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